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ancient history/ geography


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the extension of power by one people over another.
Rudyard Kipling
british poet, urged his contempories to "take up white mans burden"
Ismail Pasha
Egyptian ruller increased countries debt 20 times over
Samari Toure
resisted french for 7 years while they tried to take overmore territory
ruller of Tunisia raised taxes to pay off loans to europeans
desert area of very little value on the outskirts of ottoman empire
ruller of egypt
General Herbert Kitchener supressed revolt in egypt against british
Muhammad Ahmad
led revolt in sudan to protest british presence
cecil rhodes
controls diamond mining, tries to toppel Transvaal government for restricting his mining
belief that africans can not govern themselves but much be guided like children
french tactic of forcing natives to adopt french culture and abandon own culture
warriors code of conduct/honor
Japanese Warriors
The Maine
american battelship that exploded in havana harbor, america gets mad, declairs war on spain
extra stuff, over and above what is needed for simple survival
financially profitable or rewarding
doing something in exchange for something else - usually for the good or benefit of both parties involved
The 4 reasons for imperialism
1expansion of industrialism in 19th century increased demand for raw materials.2strongle motivated by the nationalism that characterized europe from 1870-1914.3another motive for it was humanitarianism4dominate feature or europes world expansion was spread of christianity
barbary pirates? why important?
coastal N. African pirates descended from muslime berber tribes. gave french to be insulted by algerian ruller, came in and took over
Congress of Berlin - what was decided?
French will have control of Tunisia and make sure debts paid off.
after italy conquered Tripoli...?
renamed tripoli libya, liyans resisted expense of maintaining troops nearly bankrupts italy
Leopold and Congo - ALL
worst case of imperialism
2 methods of imperialist govrnment in africa? + definitions
Direct rule = Imperial power controls all of government appoints only european officals. Indirect rule = British system where British governor and council make all laws, but locals run day to day
Boer war - how did british appease Boers afterwards
rebuilded farms, have a constitution forbidding Africans to vote
why indian nationalist rose?
1) hindus wanted revolt vs. english, and the indian Muslims. 2) indian muslims were a minority
why didnt indian muslims revolt
they were a minority
what happened when japan closed itself from outside
foreign ideas were banned, 250 years of peace,bushido was expanded to take responsibility of society as a whole.
Why/How did japan modernize
they became modern to become powerful, they did so by restoring the emperor
why was the emperor restored
to make a monarch like all other europian nations
war roosevelt fought in and why?
the spanish-american war. because the battel ship main exploded and we thought it was the spainish
why did U.S. build panama canal?
to quickly combine its 2 navies, one in pacific and one in atlantic
all the pros and cons of imperialism
Pro: europians built roads and railroads - but did it to connest teir own settlements with the coast for trade to enrich themselves. Pro: europeans built cities - but allowed slums to grow around them. pro: missionaries brough the truth to the people. Con: europeans changed African society as men left villages and farms to work in cities or as migrant workers - but european laws also protected women. Con:europeans looked doen on african society as men left villages and farms to wok in cities as migrant workers
3 steps of the imperialist process and give an example of each step from egypt/sudan.
1)leader puts country in debt, leader of egypt put country in debt 20 times over
2)country revoltes, egypt revolted against british.
3)revolt is supressed, the british supress the revolt led bymuhamman ahmad
when japan was faced with western imperialist domination, what 3 things did they do to modernize? and how does this relate to bushido?
They restored an emperor to be like other europian nations. declared "death" to samurai class, and took away samurai dress privilages

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