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AP US History: 1600-early 1700s


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The period before Christopher Columbus arrived is known as ________________
the pre-Columbian era
How did Native Americans get to USA
Bering Strait b/w Siberia and No. Amer.
How did Native Americans live a long time ago?
as farmers, hunters, or gathers. Nature is important.
What did Columbus tell the king when he returned to Spain?
there is new world full of riches and easy-to-subjugate natives
What did Columbus' journey provoke?
a long period of European expansion and colonialism
What was THE colonial power during the 1600s? How did they keep title?
SPAIN!, strong Spanish Armada
What were the conquistadors' goals in new world in regard to the natives?
erase their culture and supplant it with Catholicism
How did most Native Americans die?
Who sponsored England's first attempt to settle North America? Colony called what?
Sir Walter Raleigh, Roanoke (the lost colony)
In what year did gov. try again? What was the name of this colony?
1606, Jamestown
a joint-stock company (a group of investors who bought the right to establish New World plantations for the king)
Who finally took over the wobbly Jamestown? How?
John Smith, Imposed martial law
What group of local tribes helped English to survive? How?
The Powhatan Confederacy, taught them how to plant crops there
What did Powhatan hope w/ helping English? Right or wrong?
that it would create an alliance. They guess wrong?
What introduced the cash crop, tabacco?
John Rolfe
What did the huge role of tobacco in Virginia's economy result in?
rapid expansion!
What was the area around Jamestown later named?
How did indentured servitude system work?
in return for free passage, Europeans promised 7 years of labor to passage-buyer
In 1619, what government thing did Virgina establish?
House of Burgesses.
In the 1500s, what protestant movement formed? Where?
Puritanism, England
What was the name of the 1st puritan group to come to USA? Where did they land? Smart or dumb?
Separatists/Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, dumb
What did the Mayflower Compact say?
it asserted that the gov's power derives from the consent of the governed and not from God.
Which Indians helped the Pilgrims?
What was the 2nd wave of Puritans called? Where did they land and when? Smart or dumb? Leader?
Congregationalists/Puritans, MA Bay 1629, Smart John Winthrop
What did both the Pilgrims and the Puritans have in common governmentally
Did now tolerate religious freedom in colonies
What Indian tribe fought against the MA Bay colony? Name of War? Who won?
Pequots, Pequot War, MA Bay colonie by massacring every Pequot in sight BAD PUBLICITY
Which colony was declaired a safehaven of religious tolerance for all Christians in 1635? By whom?
Maryland, Lord Baltimore (Cecilius Clavert)
What did the Dutch call New York? Who invaded? Who won?
New Netherlands, English, English w/o a fight!
What was the Quaker colony called? Who controled it?
PA, William Pen
What kinds of policies did Penn establish?
liberal- w/ religious freedom and civil liberties
When did slave start in USA? In which colony?
1619, Virginia
Eventually proprietary colonies turned into ________ colonies? What does this mean?
royal, their leadership was taken over by the king who could exert greater control over their govs.
When did EXTENSIVE use of African slave begin? (hint: not looking for a date...)
when colonists from the Carribean settled Carolinas
What was America called in the slavery shipping route? Why?
the middle passage, it was the middle leg of the triangular trade routh among colonies, Europe, and Africa
What crops did slaves farm? Where?
tobacco, rice, indigo (labor-intensive crops); Chesapeake and the Carolinas
What is another name for the French and Indian War?
7 Years War
Explain salutory neglect? What did this time fuel?
English interfered in colonial affairs as little as possible, allowing the colonies to develop self-government, fuel revolutionary war
When did salutory neglect take place?
What does the theory of mercantilism say?
that economic power was rooted in a favorable balance of trade (exporting more than you import) and the control of hard currency (coins)
What did the Navigation Acts require?
that the colonists buy goods only from English, to seel certain things only to Engliand, and to import any non-English goods via English parts and pay a duty on the imports.
What was England's goal in creating the Navigation Acts? Success or no?
to establish a wide-raning English control over colonial commerce, NO- merchants just got around it
When did the Bacon's Rebellion occur? WHere?
1670s, Virginia's western frontier
What was Bacon's prob? (3)
he and his group thought they weren't getting a just representation in gov, gov wasn't protecting them, gov using them as buffer b/w aristocrats and indians
What is Bacon's Rebellion often cited as an early example of?
a populist uprising in American
What war marks the end of a formidable Native American presence among the New England colonists?
King Philip's War (Metacomet-Pokanokets)
In 1739, what slave uprising occured? What happened?
Stono Uprising, ~20 slave in SC stole ammo and liberated a lot of slaves and fled to FL
What did the gov do in the aftermath of Stono Uprising?
passed more restrictive laws to govern the behavior of slaves
When did the Salem Witch Trials take place?
What was the central cause of the Salem Witch Trials?
the puritans feared that their religion--which they fervently believed was the ONLY true religion--was on its way out
What is the Halfway Covenant?
said that Puritans get baptized at birth (instead of waiting to experience gift of god's grace), but couldn't vote until experience the grace

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