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Chapter 40 World Geography


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What was the system of apartheid?
separate development meaning each ethnic group ws separated from others and progress under its own culture and traditions.
What are embargoes? For what reason do countreis impose sanction on other countries?
An embargo is a legal restriction agaist movement of freight. They are put in force to force a country to stop an illegal or immoral act.
What is the term for a person who has been forced to leave his or her country?
Define copra. Where in Southern Africa is it produced?
copra is the dried meat of coconut from which coconut oil is extracted
Why is South Africa the wealthiest country on the African continent?
It has a wealth in minerals, most advanced technology, and more than 1/2 Africa's industrial firms
What is the major economic activity in Southern Africa?
How did apartheid affect daily life in South Africa?
Apartheid created tension among races and frequent riots and protests as only a small number controlled the wealth and the majority were black and poor
What are the major river systems of Southern Africa?
The major river systems are the Organe and the Zambezi Rivers
From where were the regions first permanent European settlers?
Dutch East India Company
Who were the Boers?
The Boers were European frontier farmers in Africa
What was the Great Trek?
The Great Trek was when the Boers began moving farther into the interior of Africa
What two European powers vied for power in South Africa?
Britain, French, and Dutch??????
What is the best known South African group that fought against racial discrimination?
ANC or African National Congress
What is the basis for South Africa's wealth
South Africa has only 6% of Africa's population yet it has what percentage of African's industrial firms?
Over 50%
This city in South Africa is considered its commercial and financial capital
This country was conce called German Southwest Africa
Which of the Southern Africa countries is landlocked?
This country is becoming one of Africa's success stories
From what does Zimbabwe take its name?
the ancient allwed ruinsof a city in the central part of the country representing the achievements of African cultures before Europeans arrived
The Federation of Nyasaland consisted of what countries?
Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi
One of this nation's largest ports is called Beira.
Guerrilla fighters were partly responsbile for the independence of this country
Europeans own nealry half the land of this southern African country
Zimbabwe ????
The economy of this country revolves around tourism, fishing, farming and the export of perfumes, spices, and copra
This nation is made up of 92 islands in the Indian Ocean
This volcanic island was once home to the now extinct dodo bird
In what part of Namibia do most of its residents live?
in the far north where there is a dry savanna
What is the name of Botswana's largest river?
Okavango River
What percentage of South Africa's population is black?

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