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christopher columbus


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1. What were the European nations competing to find in the late 14oo's?
1. An easy route to Asia.
2. How did Christopher Columbus differ from other explorers in the way that he searched for the route to Asia?
2. Columbus went west.
3. Christopher Columbus named the territory where he landed "San Salvador"
What is todays name for the group of
islands in which this was located.
3. The Bahamas
4. What continent did Columbus think that he had reached?
4. Columbus thought that he had reached the West Indies.
5. What people did Columbus meet after landing?
5. Columbus met the Arawaks when he landed.
6. What did Columbus call the people that he met when he landed?
6. Columbus called the people he met Indians because he thought that he landed in the East Indies (India)
7. What sea did Columbus sail into after landing on (what he called San Salvador, which was actually the Bahamas)?
7. Columbus sailed in to the Carribean Sea.
8. What island did Columbus colonize on his second visit to this region (around the Caribean Sea)?
8.Columbus colonized Hispanola.
9. What happened to the native people on this island of Hispanola and why?
9. The native people were enslaved and sold in Spain because they were gentle and easily overcome by force.
10. How did Columbus change the American continents forever?
10. People followed Columbus's route West and the presence of Europeans changed the lives of the Native American people forever.
11. What countries make up the island of Hispaniola today?
11. Haiti and The Dominican Republic (also known as the greater antillies) make up what was the island of Hispanola.

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