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World History Semester Exam Review (04-05)


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What type painting did Renaissance painters in Italy produce?
realistic paintings
What does the word "utopia" in Greek mean?
"no place"
Who wrote Utopia?
Thomas More
Where was movable type first used?
Who invented the printing press?
What did Erasmus and Rabelais have in common?
both humanists
Identify Timur.
conquered Russia, Persia, and India; interrupted rise of Ottoman Empire; burned Bagdad to the ground
Identify Osman.
called Ottman, 1st Ottoman leader
Identify Mehmet II.
lead Ottomans to conquer Constantinople; changed Constantinople's name to Istanbul
Identify Suleiman I.
called "law giver," simplified taxes, helped Ottoman Empire reach it's peak size
Identify Selim the Grim.
conquered Mecca and Medina
Following the Crusades, what nation profited the most from trade?
Which nation did Prince Henry help with regard to exploration?
In 1400s what was the most important trade good from the East?
Where did Dias sail?
around southern tip of Africa
What did deGama gain for Portugal?
sea route between Portugal and India
What was the Line of Demarcation?
an imaginary line separating Atlantic Ocean; West-Spanish, East-Portugal
By the 1700s which nation's East India Co. dominated trade?
Identify Korea.
was a vassil state of China
Identify Kangxi.
cut gov't expenses
Identify Yonglo
built forbidden city and sponsered voyages of exploration
Identify Hongwu
founded Ming Dynasty
Identify Manchus
founded Qing Dynasty
Identify Zheng He
led 7 voyages of exploration
Identify Qing Dynasty
founded in 1600s; rulers: Kangxi and Qian-long
Identify Ming Dynasty
came at the end of Mongol rule
Identify Netherlands
kowtowed to the Chinese (Chinese liked them)
Identify daimyo
Identify Tokugawa shogunate
military gov't
Identify kabuki
type of drama
Identify haiku
Japanese poetry
Identify Oda Nobunaga
ended warring states period
Identify Ieyasu Tokugawa
unitified Japan
True or False - The Dutch were ousted from North Am. by the English
True or False - Quebec was the first permanent English settlement in North Am.
False, Jamestown was the first permanent English...
True or False - New Netherland covered what is now midwestern U.S.
False, New France covered what is now midwestern U.S.
True or False - The Pilgrims who founded Jamestown were mainly interested in religious freedom
False, Pilgrims founded Plymouth
True or False - Puritans founded Massachusetts Bay colony
True or False - The French and Indian War began in 1675 when Metacom led an attack on colonial villages in Massachusetts.
False, King Phillips War began in 1675
True or False - As a result of the French and Indian War, French seized the eastern half of North Am.
False, British seized the eastern half of North Am.
True or False - Of the French, Dutch, and English, the 2 that had a mainly cooperative relationship with Indians were the French and the Dutch
What time period was the Renaissance?
What does the word "secular" mean?
In order to be a patron, what did one need?
What art form utilized the technique of prespective?
2 deminsional art work
What does "in the vernacular" refer to?
local language and not classical
From what study did the cultural movement, humanism, come?
the study of classical greek and roman culture
Identify Versailles
palace built for Louis XIV
Identify intendants
tax collecters
Identify Huguenots
protostants who fought against Catholics
Identify Edict of Nantes
issued by Henry IV; for relgious tolerates; repealed by Louis XIV
Identify Mazarin
minister to Louis XIV
Identify 30 yr. War
made France most powerful country in Europe
Identify Richelieu
minister of Louis XIII; strengthened Monarachy
Identify Colbert
finance minister to Louis XIV
Identify Montaigne
developed essay
Identify Henry IV
"Henry of Navare"; first Bourbeh King; protestant prince; became king - converted to Catholic
Who was the first Russian ruler to adopt the title "czar"?
Ivan the Terrible
At whom was Ivan the Terrible's cruelty aimed?
What were boyars?
landowning nobles
Why did Peter the Great visit the West?
to learn about European customs and industrial techniques
Why was the site for St. Petersburg chosen?
water route to Europe
Put in order of which that happen - repeal of the Stamp Act; adoption of Bill of Rights; end of the French and Indian War; calling of the 2nd Continental Congress
(1)end of French and Indian War, (2)repeal of Stamp Act, (3)calling of 2nd Continental Congress, (4)adopting of Bill of Rights
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
What was the Article of Confederation?
1st national gov't of 13 original coloneys
What did the Article of Continental Congress create?
What convinced American leaders of the need to call the Constitutional Convertion?
Shay's Rebellion
Identify Legislative Assembly
gov't body replaced National Assembly
Identify emigres
nobles who left France
Identify sans-culottes
radicals; named for pants they wore
Identify left-wing
most radical members of Leg. Assembly
Identify right-wing
most conseruvative members of Leg. Assembly
Identify Olympe de Gouges
wrote strong response to Declaration of Rights of Man b/c no woman's right's
Identify Robespierre
wanted to build a republic of virtue
Identify guillotine
invented to furthur humane goals
Identify Marat
fatally stabbed by another revolutionary
Identify Committee of Public Safety
put an end to Reign of Terror
Identify Marie Antoinette
apologized to executioner before being executed
Who was most responsible for accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna?
van Metternich of Austria
Name 3 accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna
(1)surrounded France w/strong neighbors, (2)created body of power, (3)reinstated royals
During the mid 1800s, name the 2 countries that had constitutional monarchies
France and Great Britain
Was Italy a mimber of the Holy Alliance?
What happened in Spain as result of the Congress of Vienna?
Monarchy was restored
Identify creoles
spaniards born in Latin Am.
Identify Bolivar
"Libertador" and led forces against Sp. in Battle of Ayacurho
Identify mestizos
mixed European/Indian
Identify Morelos
priest and skillful military leader
Identify mulattos
mixed Africans/Europeans
Identify Hidalgo
priest called for peasant rebellion in Mexico
Identify peninsulares
top of Sp. Am. society - Latin Am., born in Spain
Identify L'Ouverture
led slave revolt. to end slavery on Hispanics
Identify Martin
won independence for Argentina and Chile - gave up command of army
Identify Santo Domingo
the Sp. 2/3 of the island of Hispaniola
Which country lost the most territory as a result of unification of Itay?
Rome became the capital of Italy after what was conquered?
The Papal States
Who organized the group known as young Itay?
Who was the leader of the Red Shirts?
Who originated the political style of realpolitik?
By what title did the ruler of the new, unified German empire go?
How did enclosure help farmers?
Farms were more efficiant
How did crop rotation help?
increased nutrients
Name 3 results of the agricultural revolution in Britain.
(1)farm size increased, (2)food prices decreased, (3)population increased
What industry was the 1st to undergo major industrialization?
textile industry
In the late 1700s where would you find a spinning mule and a water frame?
in factories, near a source of energy
Indentify entrepreneur
wealthy ppl w/good ideas
Identify Adam Smith
wrote book called The Wealth of Nations
Identify Karl Marx
introduced communism; wrote The comminist Manifesto
Identify utilitarianism
promoted "gov't should create greastest good for greatest # of ppl"
How did 19th Century socialists view the economy?
that the gov't should activily plan economy
Between who was collective bargaining carried out?
workers and their employers
A strike was considers an illegal action taken against ___________ by ___________.
factory owners / union workers

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