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Gr. 5 Explorers Quizz


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The country where Columbus was born.
The name for the 7 Cities of Gold in the American Southwest
Explorer who crossed Panama and found the Pacific Ocean
Led the expedition that eventually sailed around the world.
Italian who sailed for England, found the eastern edge of Canada
John Cabot
Frenchman who first found the St. Lawrence River
The number of voyages Columbus made to the New World.
Spanish explorer who discovered the Mississippi River
De Soto
The ocean between Europe and the New World.
Atlantic Ocean
The ocean that Columbus never knew about
Pacific Ocean
The location where Magellan lost his life
The place that Columbus was trying to sail to when he bumped into the New World
Spice Islands, or Asia, or China, or the Orient, or India
The first European country to establish an all water trade route with Asia
The series of religious wars that caused Europeans to learn about the riches of the East
The French explorer who explored the Mississippi River
La Salle or Marquette or Joliet
Name 2 reasons that European explorers traveled to the New World
to find riches, to find a water route to Asia,
What "passage" did the explorers continue to search for, even though it did not really exist?
Northwest Passage
An explorer who worked for England and Holland....named a bay after himself
Henry Hudson
The gulf located south of the United States
Gulf of Mexico
The number of years it took for a Spanish crew to travel around the world
3 years
In what century did most of the Spanish explorers travel to the New World
16th century
The continent that the Portuguese sailed around to get to India
The direction Balboa had to travel to get from Spain to the New World
West or southwest
Most of the French explorers came to North or South America
North America
Of these, which did the Europeans bring to the New World....corn, horses, pumpkins, or buffaloes
Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas
Country, today, where the Inca lived
Italian explorer who traveled in Asia, wrote a book about his travels
Spanish explorer who took gold from the Aztecs
Country, today, where the Aztecs lived
He discovered Brazil
A large area of land or group of people ruled by a powerful ruler
A trade route between Asia and some Arabic cities
Silk Road

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