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Geography Final Exam Part 2


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Around what year did Muslim armies begin to conquer most of Southwest Asia?
800 AD
A religion leader of the highest rank and greatest respect
Russia is nearly _________ the size of the United States
1.8 times
By what other name is the region of Southwest Asia sometimes referred?
Middle East
In many ways, this country is still a physical and cultural bridge between Asia and Europe?
What are the four largest rivers in Russia?
Ob River
Yenisei River
Lena River
Volga RIver
In what countries are most of the world's Shi'a Muslim concentrated?
Iran, Southern Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon
In what year did Israel become a state?
Iran is the world's largest producer of what product?
Other than the Dardanelles name of the strait that divides Turkey from Asia?
The word coffee has its origin in this country?
This city used to be known as "Paris of the Middle"
What are the two branches of Islam?
Sunni and Shi'a
What has been one of Iran's most prized products for centuries?
Persian Rugs
What illegal crop is grown by Afghan farmers?
opium poppies
What is the language that many Iranians speak?
Farsi, an Indo-European language
What organization was formed to control world oil prices?
What is the world's deepest fresh water lake?
Lake Baykal in Russia
What leader followed Stalin in Russia?
Nikita Khrushchev
Russia's largest city is
Russia's population, which is shrinking, is approximately
Russians are basically ______ and do not express much hope to a better life in the future.
One of the most popular foods in Russia is
Slightly more than ___ of Russians live below the poverty line
More than 1/3
Forty percent of Germany is?
Germans rarely drink tap water but prefer _______, wine and mineral water.
Germany's adult literacy rate is _____%
In 2001, Germany ordered the killing of thousands of infected animals and limited the transport of livestock at risk from the disease __________.
Mad Cow disease
In area Germany is approximately the size of ___________
Most families live in ________. Single family homes are by no means rare just very __________.
Apartments or condominiums
The Berlin Wall became a symbol of the ________ until late 1989.
division of West and East
It now symbolizes freedom and unity
Alcoholism and drug abuse may affect as much as ____ percent of the population.
Formal name for Russia is
Commonwealth of Independent States
The German currency is the
The German language does not have a word for
Largest city in Russia that is north of the Arctic Circle
St. Persburg
The population of Germany is ____million.
Europe's longest river is the
Volga River
The unemployment rate in Germany is currently around ____percent.
This area in Russia gets temperatures below -40 degrees Fahrenheit
The voting age in Germany is ____
What year did the Soviet Union collapse?
While there is no speed limit on sections of the __________ there are strict limits on all other roads.
Auto Bahn
The former Soviet Union is organized into how many countries now?
15 countries
What is the Russian word for "openness"
What is the Russian word for "restructuring"
Who was the first democratically elected president of Russia?
Boris Yeltsin
A determined guerrilla conflict still plagues Russia in what part?
The voting age in Russia is ____
18 years
What is the name of the Russian currency
What drug is increasingly popular in the domestic market of Russia
Most of this country's foreign income comes from tobacco:
Zaire's deposits of this mineral are among the largest in the world
The languages of the Niger-Congo Family are also known as:
What is considered to be the prosperous country in Central Africa?
This city in South Africa is considered its commercial and financial capital.
Guerrilla fighters were partly responsible for the independence of this country?
This volcanic island was once home to the now extinct dodo bird.
The land area of the United States fits into the land area of Africa:
Sahara Desert
Africa has ___ independent countries.
more than 50
This is one of the world's busiest waterways.
Why is irrigation from the Nile of utmost importance to Egypt?
Provides fertile land for agriculture
The largest coffee crop in Africa comes from what country?
Cote d'Ivoire
Which of these countries was not founded as settlements for free slaves?
Liberia and Sierra Leone were founded as settlements for freed slaves
Which of these is one of the three primary belief systems found in West Africa?
Three primary belief systems are Muslims, Christianity and Animism
What are the reasons for Cameroon's relative prosperity?
Because most people have small farms and receive government loans and up to date information on farming technology
Why must all Central African countries import food despite the regions many fertile farmlands?
Food production has not kept up with Central Africa's rising population.
What small peninsula juts southward into the Black Sea
Kamchatka Peninsula
Africa is composed mostly of _______
Busiest port of Russia on the Black Sea is
Port Novorossiysk
This country was formerly known as the British colony of Northern Rhodesia.
What type of government did Angola choose after it became and independent nation in 1975?
What is the largest most populous country in Central Africa?
For the past thirty years, this country has been a war zone.
What are the major river systems of Southern Africa?
Orange and Zambezi
What two European powers vied for power in South Africa?
The Boers and the British
In what country are the people referred to as "white Russians?"
What is the best known South Africa group that fought against racial discrimination?
African National Congress
What is the word for "Night of Broken Glass?"
What is the basis for South Africa's wealth?
What percentage of Africa's industrial firms are located in South Africa?
more than 50%
This country was once called German Southwest Africa?
German conglomerate of eight chemical companies during WWII
IG Farben
Which of the Southern African countries is landlocked?
This country is becoming one of Africa's success stories
One of this nation's largest ports is called Beira.
Concentration camp in Upper Silesia, Poland
Europeans own nearly half the land of this southern Africa country.
South Africa
The economy of this country revolves around tourism, fishing, farming and the export of perfumes, spices and copra.
This nation is made up of 92 islands in the Indian Ocean.
The Sahara is ____ square miles in area.
3,500,000 square miles
Zaire would be closest to the:
Jews were starved, brutalized, and killed during these marches
Death marches
Africa's largest country in land area.
Africa's most populous country
Fuehrer and Riech Chancellor of Germany
Approximately how many ethnic groups does Nigeria have?
4 main ethnic groups and home to more than 200 ethnic groups.
Dar es Salaam is the greatest city and major port of this country.
Senegal shares one of the most unusual boundaries in the world with this country.
Who organized the transportation of Jews to the camps?
The largest lake in Africa
Lake Victoria
The official language of Kenya and Tanzania
This country has one third of the world's bauxite supply.
This country is Africa's favorite tourist site.
South Africa
This West African country was formerly a German colony.
Who created the Gestapo and was commander of the German Luftwaffe?
Timbutktu, the ancient trading city is in what West African country?
What is one of the staple, or main foods of West Africa?
root crops such as yams and cassava
Who planned and led the anti-Jewish policies of the Nazis
Reinhard Heydrich
Hundreds of synagogues and Jewish owned stores were burned and looted. Many Jews beaten, killed and sent to gas chambers
Night of Glass
Who was called the Angel of Death?
Dr. Jose Mengele
Hundres of synagogues and Jewish owned stores were burned and looted. Many Jews beaten, killed and sent to camps
Night of Glass
Meeting held in Germany January 20, 1942 about Final Solution
Wannsee Conference
Prejudice against and fear of Jews.
anti Semitism
Sanskrit name for a hooked cross
Commercial name for hydrogen cyanide gas
Zyklon B
Who organized the Final Solution
These were created in the poor sections of cities. Surrounded by barbed wire and Jews had to live there.
Who was Plato?
First Greek Philosopher
Most famous work is the Republic
Socrates was his teacher
Who was Socrates?
Early philosopher
The Olympic Games
Early competitions held every four years originally in Greece in 776 BC
Who is Hippocrates
Father of Medicine
Who is Leonardo da Vinci
Italian artist in the late 1400s

Mona Lisa was his most famous work
Who was Michelangelo?
Famous artist who painted the Sistine Chapel
Who was Isaac Newton
English scientist/mathematician who developed the Law of Gravity
Who was Martin Luther?
Martin Luther was an English rebel who fought against the Reformation of the Church
What was the Battle of Marathon?
490 BC, the Battle of Marathon was between Persia and Greece
What is Pax Romana
the long period of peace enforced on states in the Roman Empire
Who was Ptolemy
One of the most influential Greek astronomers and geographers of his time
What were the Crusades?
The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of Medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East
What was the Renaissance
Renaissance means rebirth. This period saw a rebirth in knowledge. ... Giovanni Palestrina was one the Renaissance period's most important composers
Who was Rembrandt?
A Dutch artist of the 1400s whose most famous painting was "Night Watch."
Who was Copernicus?
The founder of modern astronomy
Who was Galileo?
Italian physicist and astronomer who made fundamental contributions to the science
What were the Holy Inquisitions?
A religious court by the Catholic church to find and punish those who were nonbelievers
Who was Alfred Nobel?
Swedish inventor of dynamite who set up the Nobel Prize award for outstanding contributions to chemistry or physics or physiology and medicine or literature or economics or peace
Magna Carta
The Great Charter of English liberty granted by King John and the cornerstone for freedom and the basis for the US Constitution
More than _____ people have died of AIDS
24 million
______ is the worst infectious catastrophe since bubonic plague
Today there are _______ million people living with AIDS
By 2010, it is estimated there will be 40 million AIDS _____________ worldwide
Since 1988, the rate of infection of AIDS has increased by ________ percent in Russia
________ of AIDS transmission is through intraveneous drugs
_________ has more cases of HIV/AIDS than any other nation in the world except Africa
The country with the highest numbers of HIV/AIDS in the world is ______
In India, HIV/AIDS is primarily transmitted through
unsafe sex
If the rate of infection remains the same, by 2010 more than _______ million people will have been infected with HIV/AIDS
Major religion in Germany and percentage
38 percent of the German population was affiliated with the established Protestant (Evangelical) Church
Where do the Catholics and Protestants live in Germany?
Catholics live in south and west
Protestants live in north and east
After World War I, Germany was made to pay huge __________, admit guilt for the war and cede about _______ of its territory.
33 billion dollars

10% of German territory

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