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eric the red
led people to colonize greenland
henry the navigator
portuguese prince

founded a navigation school
vikings (as a group)
colonized iceland, pirates and expert sailors, recorded the discovery of america in sagas
"in the year of our lord", anno domini
vasco da gama
first european to sail asia around africa
hernando de soto
explored between florida and the mississippi river
ferdinand magellan
led the first voyage around the world
spanish nobleman who came to america to conquer and get rich
native americans
first people to discover america

crossed the bering sea
leif ericson
first european to reach america
what europeans wanted from the far east

reached europe byu a difficult land and sea route in 1400
before christ
bartholomeu diaz
first european to sail around the bottom of africa
set up ports along the african caost to protect trade route
ponce de leon
explored and named florida while looking for the fountain of yourth
st. augustine, florida
first european settlement in the U.S.
francisco coronado
explored arizona, new mexico, and texas

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