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Cultural and Ethnic Diversity


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The intelligence (I.Q.) was a commonly used instrument in the application of which doctrine?
Scientific Racism
Which group racialized the other but not themselves?
Which doctrine consisted of a movement which collectively advocated the improvement of human stock by purging the species?
Which were among the first to popularize the race concept?
When referring to the value of a person how is the concept of race seen?
Often seen as offensive
How is race influential and critical in shaping identities and relationships?
Politically influential and critical
What do the use of (unscientific) racial explanations rather than social conditions for social inequality result in?
Results in (mean fisted public policy).
Describe racial typologies.
Social rankings
What is race as a historically grounded social construction related to?
Power and Privaledge.
Which doctrine endorsed the virtues and inevitability of capitalism and imperialism as integral to human progress and social enlightenment?
Social Darwinism
Which doctrines endorsed the dehumanizatiion of minotities as objects for exploitation?
Doctrines of Racial Supremacy.
Describe race types.
Classification into a finite number of groups.
What is Thomas' Theorem?
Phenomena do not have to be real to be real in their consequences, race impacts on social reality.
Describe racialization.
A focus on why certain relations between groups become defined by reference to race.
Race is defined as a social construct How may this also be described?
An ideology (mechanism for descrimination)
Why is it more accurate to speak of relationships that have been racialized?
Differential more accurate because it's the idea that races don't exist to have a relationship with another race.
The concept of race was a result of the global model that origingated with which historical change?
Came out of Euopean expantion and conquest.
How may the interest in the race concept be described as a result of European exploration and exposure to highly diverse populations?
Lead to an even greater interest in the race concept.
Europeans used what to legitimize worldwide exploitation and domination?
Europeans used the classifications of race concept.
Which doctrine portrayed the social world as a gladiatorial arena where populations were locked in mortal combat over scarce and valuable resources?
Social Darwinism
When may one be accused of compromising a people's identity when referring to race?
When race is dismissed as fiction.
What do most differences related to race reflect?
Accounting for race adaptation to environment.
What approach to the concepts of race and type originated in response to the following factors? (international competion)
The idea of a scientific approach.
Which doctrine still persists in diverse and disgiused forms, but without general social support?
Which doctrine was built on the premise that racial capacities between populations could be measured and evaluated by statistical means?
Scientific Racism

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