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SS Chapter 3


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What was the body of water reached by Balboa?
Pacific Ocean
Who was the European who proved it was possible to reach Asia by sailing west from Europe?
Ferdinand Magellan
Italian explorer who landed in present-day Newfoundland but told people he had found Cathay?
Who was the Portuguese leader who started a school for navigators?
Prince Henry
What was the name of the first European settlement in the Americas?
What city was captured by the Rurks, and it closed the trade between Europe and Asia?
Who found a sea route to Asia by sailing around Africa?
Vasco da Gama
Who were the first Europeans to visit America?
Who's description of the riches of Chian made traders want to go to Asia?
Marco Polo
What was the local name for the island on which Columbus first landed?
Who was the first person to sail around the southern tip of Africa?
Bartholomew Dias
Who made the first globe?
Martin Behaim
Who discovered that Columbus had not reached Asia?
Amerigo Vespucci
Who was the leader of the first Europeans to visit America?
Leif Eriksson

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