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Early Spanish Settlement in America,Slave Trades, Explorers,Jamestown & Pilg


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What was the Northwest Passage'?
Throughout the 1500s, European nations were looking for a shorter waterway through or around North America to Asia, although, in reality, this route never existed. This type of journey was known as 'Northwest Passage' since all the explorers were trying to find out if there was any short route to Asia by North America.
Who introduced slaves in America?
Spanigh Traders introduced slaves in America.
What is the Mayflower compact?
The Pilgrams made rules and regulations which they wanted to follow in their colonies which was called the Mayflower compact.
How did the Spanish make their fortunes in America? (3 Ways)
1) Spanish made their fortunes by invading and conquering various Indian territories

2) Spanish people also explored different parts of America to find gold mines.

3) Finally the Spanish made their fortunes by exporting gold and silver to Spain.These gold and silver were often produced through the forced labor of the native Indians.
How did the Dutch Make their fortune in the New Netherland colony?
They Traded Furs.
How were the native Americans treated by the Spanish?
The early Spanish settlers' treatment of Indians were quite shocking. First the Spanish took lands away from the native Americans. Then they forced the Indians to work in the farm and in the mine.Indians were often exposed to harsh working condition. Thousands of Indians died from overwork in mines and on plantation. Indians also died of hunger and desease. The Indians were considered to be the lowest class in the social structute of New Spain.
Who were the Conquistadors, and what did they want?
Conquistadors were a group of Spanish Adventurers who came to America in search of gold and wealth. The rulers of Spain gave them permission to establish settlements in america, in return Conquistadors agreed to give Spain one fifth of any gold or treasure they captured. (Cortez & Pizzaro)
What is meant by the 3 'G's?
1)Gold: Conquistadors' one of the main purpose was to find gold and take the gold back to Spain.

2)Glory: The early Spanish settlors wanted to have fame and glory by conquering different Indian territories in America.

3)The last 'G' stands for 'God'. The early settlors were also interested to convert Indians to their religion.
Why was Plymouth colony founded?
The pilgrams were looking for a place to practice their religion and continue their English culture, that was why the Plymouth colony was founded.
Which European nation started the African slave trade?
It was the Portuguese who first started the slave trades from African coast during the 1400.
What was Columbus's impact on the native Americans he encountered?
The native Americans were the only one who were adversely affected by Columbus's discovery of America

Columbus & other Europeans who came after him seized Indian Lands. Native Americans were forced to work in mines and farms.Over the next 50 years, hundreds and thousands of Carribean Indians died from harsh working conditions and European deseases.
What was the 'Middle Passage'?
The Middle Passage was an area in a ship that carried African Slaves across the Atlantic Ocean.
Which crop saved the colony of Jamestowm from faliure?
The crop that saved Jamestown from faliure was tobacco.
Who supplied the Europeans with the African slaves?
Slave traders from Spain,Portugal, Britain,France and other western European nations set up posts along the West Africans coast. In exchange of guns and other goods they acquire slaves.

Africans who lived along the coast regulary raided the interior land to capture men later on to be sold as slaves to European slave traders.
Why were the Conquistadors able to conquer the native Americans? ( 3 reasons)
1. The native Americans, like the Aztecs were slow to fight back the Conquistadors as they initially regared the Spanish people to be God.

2. Native Americans had no steel weapons. They relied on bow, arrows for there defense.

3.Native Americans also contacted deadly deseases like measels,chicken pox and small pox. The desease alone decimated the native American population more than anything.
Why did the Spanish use African slaves instead of native American Slaves?
Native Indians contaced European deseases and were dying in thousands. Also they were not skillful farm workers.

But the Africans were believed to be strong and healthy and did not catch deseases as Indians did. The Africans were also perceived to be hardy workers on the farm.
What were the first settlements of New France and who set them up? How did the settlers of New France make their fortunes?
1st Question: Port Royal in Nova Scotia, and Quebec were New France's first settlements. They wee founded by Samuel De Champlain.

2nd Question: They made their fortunes off of Fishing,trapping and fur trading.
Along Which river was New Netherland Located?
The Hudson River.
Name two Conquistadors and the native American empires they conquered.
Hernando Cortese invaded the Aztec entire and seized the Aztec wealth.

Francisco Pizzaro conquered the mighty Incan empire.
Why did European Nations want to find a Northwest Passage?
The European Nations were hoping to find a quicker route to Asia by North America.
What was Louisiana and who controlled it?
Robert La Salle explored a region along the mississippi river which he named Louisana after the French King.

The French controlled Louisiana.
Why was Jamestown founded?
Virgina company of London, recieved a Chater from King James I, to settle lands, to North of Roankae in America. They brought people with them. These people needed a place to call their home so that they can grow crops instead of depending on supplies from England. Therefore Jamestown Colony was established.
Why was New Orleans imortant to the France's North American Empire?
New Orleans soon became into a very bust centerfor trading, for France.
What were the new settlements in New France, and who set them up? How did the settelers of New France make their fortunes? (3 examples)
1st question:
The first settlements in New France were Fort Royal, and Quebec.

2nd Question:
They made their fortunes off of fish, and fur trading.
Whar were relations like between the French settlers and the Native Americans?
The relations between the French and the Native Americans were:

1: They Traded together
2: The French lived w/ the N.A (the Algonquins)
3: The Algonquins helped the French against the Dutch.
What were the two main settlements of New Netherland?
The two main Dutch settlements were New Amsterdamn,in the island of Manhattan and the South of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.
Robert de la Salle was important for what reason?
Robert de la Salle was important because explored the mississippi river to its end at Gulf of Mexico.
Why did the French build forts along the Mississippi?
To keep Spain and England out of Louisiana, the French built forts along the Mississippi.

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