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Religion started by siddartha guatama
the torah is its sacred
its basic beliefs are known as the five pillars
its basic beliefs are based on the four noble truths
reincarnation is a major belief in this religion
christianity founder
islam founder
judaism founder
buddhism founder
siddhartha guatama
not true of the ottoman empire
the turks forced all people in the empire to convert to islam
whish was not a characteristic of aakbar the great's rule
he shared power with an elected group of citizens
which is not true concerning the ming dynasty of china
later ming rulers continued to encourage forign trade and contact with the west
place of origin: coffee
ottoman empire
place of origin: silk
place of origin: textiles
mughal empire
place of origin: gunpowder
place of origin: ceramics
ottoman empire
the renaissance began in this country
controlled mediterranean trade routes
venice and genoa
1 in every 4 people died from the black plague
sent settlers to the thirteen colonies
the english defeated it armada
helped increase europe's supply of books
johannes gutenberg
wrote about the travels of a mad knight
french heroine in the hundred years' war
joan of arc
studied the movement of planets around the sun
the catholic church called him a heretic
martin luther
wrote about man's thoughts, actions, and feelings
considered the world's greatest playwright
william shakespeare
encouraged rulers to use any means to stay in power
conducted scientific experiments
supported the work of painters and writers
medici family
sailed around africa to india
vasco de gama
claimed eastern north america for england
john cabot
discovered the new world
christopher columbus
his crew sailed around the world
ferdinand magellan
claimed the st. lawerence river valley for france
jacques cartier
went to the near east after the crusades
began using gunpowder during the 1300's
painters and scholars produced fine works for their personal enjoyment
kings and princes
most of them experienced a renewed interest in culture and learning by the end of the 1400's
western europeans
produced masterpieces that won them lasting fame
michelangelo, leonardo da vinci, and raphael
Church of England; the official religion
a movement for religious reform
a pardon; it released a sinner from performing the penalty a priest imposed for sins
followers of John Knox; named for laymen or elders that governed the community church
government controlled by religious leaders
religious settlement where German princes would decide the religion of his state
peace of ausberg
believed those who were baptized as children should be baptized again as adults
Christians who belonged to non-Catholic churches
separate religious group formed by followers of Luther
religion based on Calvin's teachings
to set aside a marriage; what henry viii wanted from catherine of aragon
the belief that God has known since the beginning of time who will be saved
a solemn ceremony that gives spiritual grace
a pardon for sins
government shaped by religion
decree issued by the pope
papal bull
taught that faith alone was necessary for savlation
Martin Luther
declared Martin Luther to be an outlaw
Edict of Worms
Taught that only the chosen people could be saved
John Calvin
Led the Protestant movement in Switzerland
Ulrich Zwingli
started the Protestant Church in England
Henry VIII
"Every Christian is a priest who can communicate directly with God"
"Elaborate chuch rituals have no meaningful purpose"
"The Reformation threatens to destroy religious unity in Europe"
"The pope is wiser and holier than other Christians"
"Both faith and good works required of a good Christians"
The sale of indulgences was the immediate cause of the Protestant Reformation
During the Babylonian Captivity, all the popes were controlled by the Hebrews
The Edict of Nates officially allowed two Christianity in France
The Church of England was created by...
Henry VIII
Calvin believed that...
God had chosen who would be saved
Luther taught that...
the Bible should by the only guide for Christians
The Great Schism, the Babylonian Captivity, and the Hussites are all associated with...
Church controversies
In the 1500's, many people were criticizing the church for...
being to concerned with worldly power and riches
All of the following contributed to the cpread of the Protestant Reformation except...
the work of the Society of Jesus
The purpose of the Society of Jesus was to...
win converts to Catholics
As a result of the Babylonian Captivity and the Great Schism, the Church...
lost much of its authority
All of the following are Marin Luther's teachings except
the pope is God's highest representative on earth
King Henry VIII England broke with the pope in part because he...
wanted to mary Anne Boleyn
The Counter Reformation could be considered a success because it...
slowed the spread of Protestantism
Luther's doctrine of "justification by faith alone" meant that
a person's only hope of salvation was faith in god
Nepotism meant/means...
filling Church positions with relatives
In which country did Protestantism attract the most followers?
Which Statement about the protestant reformation is true?
it encouraged the rise of national states
Believed God had predestined those who would reach heaven
Believed justification by Faith alone
Believed faith plus good works were necessary for salvation
Believed one must confess their sins to a priest
Believed everyone could pray to God directly
Prohibited gambling and dancing
Believed only priests could interpret the Bible
Believed in a strict, simple church, utilizing very few rituals
Forgiveness for sin through task assigned or obligations assumed
Ceremony which washes away original sin
Ordination of those entering priest hood
holy orders
Catalyst for England breaking down with the Catholic Church
King Henry VIII
rites given to those dying or near death
extreme unction
Advisor to the king, devout Catholic, against Act of Supremacy
Sir Thomas More
Founder of the Society of Jesus
Igantious Layola
-invention of the compass and astrolabe -european dependence on spices from asia -rise of nation-states in europe these developments influenced the start of the...
Age of Exploration
Which is not paired correctly Chris Columbus-Portugal John Cabot-England Jacques Cartier-France Hernando Cortes-Spain
Chris Columbus-Portugal
European migration to the Americas resulted in...
the demise of the aztec, maya, and inca empires
Effects of Spanish migration to the new world: -Disease kills large numbers of indigenous people -discovery of silver and gold resevoirs -? ?=...
importation of slaves from west africa
[slave sign] [african trade ship] these "images" represent
middle passage
[spanish ships attacking aztecs with cannons] Which explation for the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire os best supported by the "illustration?"
the spanish technology was a major factor in the defeat of the Aztecs
___?___ New world colonies: -ruled by a Viceroy Motto:"God, Glory, gold" -Main Economic institution: Plantation -Controlled land from California south through Chile
the transfer of plants, animals, disease, and food between the old world and new world is known as the...
Columbian exchange
Shortly after initial contact Europeans, American Indians (First American) population began to rapidly decrease because of...
Long distance trade in the 1500's: --Exports from the Americas: -Gold, Sugar, Tobacco, Furs --Imports to the Americas: -Slaves, iron, furniture, books this describes the triangular trade between europe, the americas and...
west africa
Trade routes between europe, africa, and the New World were referred to as...
the triangular trade routes
As a result of finding gold and silver in the new world, what happened to the native empires in the americas?
they were conquered and forced to give the precious metals to the europeans, wiping out their empires
Which is the best description of Spain afer importing precious metals from the americas?
it created steep inlfation
what were the major reasons for european exploration of the americas?
to find wealth and a water route to asia
the spanish conquistadors were victorious over the maya, aztec, and inca due to all of the following except
more men
the european colonies in the americas...
initated the cultures and social patterns of the mother country
the transfer of plants, animals, disease and food between Europe and the americas is called the...
Columbian exchange
what is mercantilism?
the idea that a nation's power is related to its wealth and needs a favorable balance of trade with its colonies
the indians began to believe that their gods had deserted them partly because...
the spanish seemed immune to the diseases that devastated the indians
what was one cause of european inlfation during this peiod
the population explosion
which advantage in technology did not pave the way for the age of exploration
iron plows
which nation, ruled by prince henry the navigator, led the way in the early voyages of exploration?
the line of demarcation drawn in by the treaty of tordesillas...
divided newly discovered lands btween spain and portugal
conquistadors explored the americas in search of
gold and silver
the plantation system was developed in the west indies to...
grow sugar and tobacco
french settlers in north america profited from the...
fur trade
by the 1700's, chief rivals for control of north america were
england and france
the primary concern of mercantilists was to
increase the power of monarchs
overseas trading voyages were risky ventures for merchants because
piracy and ship wreck were constant dangers to ships
unlike the french, the english...
encouraged their people to settle in the new world
which is not true of mercantilism
the theory was not practiced by european nations
which of the following represents a native american influence on european colonists?
by the 1500's, the most important element of african trade with europeans was
enslaved africans
who began a vast global exchange that included people, plant, technologies, and cultures?
Christopher Columbus
WHich of the following statements describes the economic policy of mercantilism?
it was the belief that a nation's wealth was measured in its gold and silver treasure
Which of the following best explained why european rulers encouraged ocean exploration?
they wanted to find new trade routes
which is not true concerning the columbian exchange?
european platation system improved the enviornment
which is not true concerning the triangular trade system?
the triangular trade system was profitable for only the africans
economic cycle in which prices rise
the investment of money to make a profit
enterprising merchant
arrangement that allowed people to pool large amounts of capital for overseas ventures
joint-stock company
new economic policy aimed at strengthening european monarchies
tax on imported goods
spanish conquerers
spaniard who conquered the aztecs
hernan cortes
conquerer who overtook the incas in peru
francisco pizzaro
first explorer to see the pacific ocean
first explorer to sail around africa to india
vasco de gama
increased the mpower of the french monarchy
cardinal richelieu
led the catholic reformation in spain
Philip II
ruled austria during the war of austrian succession
Maria theresa
issued the edict of nantes
Henry IV
the sun king
Louis XIV
during the age of absolutism(1600's and 1700's), european monsrchies sought to...
centralize political power in their nation
The Magna CArta and the Enlgish Bill of Rights are docutments that...
limited the power of the monarchy
Frederick the great of prussia, Catherine the great of russia, and Joseph II of the Hapsburg Empire are all 18th century monarchs also described as
benevolent despots
the person chiefly responsible for building the power of the french monarchy was...
Cardinal Richelieu
Louis XIV encouraged French nobles to live at versailles so he could...
keep an eye on them
the edict of nantes...
gave the huguenots the right to worship
which monarch is correctly linked with the country he or she ruled? Philip II-Russia Maria Theresa-France Frederick the Great-Spain Catherine the Great-Russia
Catherine the Great-Russia
The Century of Gold was a period when...
The arts flourished in Spain
Philip II of Spain was an absolute monarch because he...
Had complete authority
this english king, a strong believer in divine right, dismissed parliament and ruled without it for 11 years
Chalres I
This english line of monarchs were staunch believers in divine right...
Charles I and Parliament clashed over several issues including...
tax policies
Which is not true concerning Elizabeth I she was the last tudor monarch she started a war with france she had Mary, queen of scotts executed England experienced a Golden Age
She started a war with France
Which is not true concerning the reign of James II he wanted to rule as an absolute monarch he wanted to return england to Catholicism he denied england a bill of rights he was forced from power in the Glorious Revolution
he denied England a Bill of rights
Prussia monarchy...
Russia monarchy...
England monarchy...
Spain monarchy...
france monarchy...
the politcal idea that monarchs receive their power directly from God was known as...
Divine Right
After achieving control of government, Cardinal Richelieu set out to...
build an absolute French monarchy
the edict of nantes in France decreed that...
Protestants could worship, but only in the areas where they were a majority
The long ruling French monarch known as the sun king...
Louis XIV
In 1588, who defeated the spanish armada
the english
the thirty years' war ended with the...
Treaty of Westphalia
France's miority Protestants were known as...
"The state, it is I"
Louis XIV
One of the Makor outcomes of the Thirty Years War was the...
The weakening of the german states
The hohenzollern monarchs developed which of the following as their primary tool of foreign policy...
large standing army
the political theory of a centralized government under a monarch with unlimited power is known as...
which russian tsar tried to westernize russia?
Peter the Great
the russian goal of achieving a Black Sea port was achieved by defeating the...
Catherine II received her nickname "Catherine the Great" as a result of...
creating a successful foreign policy
the most powerful ruler in Spanish history was...
Philip II
Queen Elizabeth's reign was considered...
one of england's great cultural periods
Henry VIII established which church?
The church of england
Philip II of spain faced problems from all of the following except.. marranos and mrriscos dutch protestants spanish protestants inflation
spanish protestants
Mary I of england was nicknamed "Bloody Mary" because of her persecution of the...
English Protestants
Louis XIV built what as a symbol of French, and his, glory and power?
MOst absolute rulers bought the loyalty of the respective nobility by freeing them from...
paying taxes
Even though the Tudors were strong rulers, the didnt enjoy "absolute" rule because of the existence of...
THe most famous of the Hohenzollerns, and the one who twice went to war against Maria Theresa of Austris, and was known as an enlightened despot, was...
Frederick the Great

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