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Stupid History Midterm I


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West to the Orient
1492 Columbus sail orient to find silk/spices, not east long/expensive/controlled by muslims, disprove flat earth myth
To Please God
Convert Indians to Christians, civilize them, use land as God intended
Conquest to Assimilation
Aztecs/Incas had gold/gems, Conquest (Convert or die), Assimilate (change their culture to match yours)
The Pueblo Revolt (1680)
Pueblo Indians angry at Spanish, who were supposed to protect them but made them give up their religion, Pope planned revolt, forced Pueblo to abandon anything Catholic-related
Religion on the Middle Ground
Middle ground (culture join native americans/europeans, ?
The First Thanksgiving
View Indians as test of God, Mary Rowlandson, Christian Indians worse, elimination (king philip's war) dependence/separation/elimination
Jamestown's First Labor Force
Indentured servants, paid to come to new world to do work in new land, 4-7 yr contract, 1/4 cost of slaves
Living Longer in Jamestown
indentured servants live longer, given land, slavery now more cost effective
Sex and the Middle Ground
Men work outside/women inside home, French no pre-marital sex/indians sex, no/divorce
The First Color Line
Divide white/black (work, no interracial marriage)
Puritan Dilemma
"City on Hill" failed, presence of indians
Democracy in Colonial America
White land owning folk had power in America not had in Europe, voting rights from land owning, 2/3 men owned land
Search for Myths
Few people thought earth was flat, Marco Polo & Bible made sea travelers think they'd encounter wild things
Search for Dumping Ground
Europe was overpopulated, too many rich and poor
The Mission System
Spanish promised indians? protection and technology (steel, plows) in they convert/become civilized/pay tribute (crops,goods,labor)
Why a Middle Ground?
New culture between Algonquians and French, neither side dominated
Murder on the Middle Ground
European: Individual responsibility, capital punishment. Indians: Clan responsibility (revenge killing, gift giving, adoption)
Pocahontas and John Smith
English wanted eliminate Indians, father saved Jamestown, thought they'd make for good allies English angry (thought they were superior) try eliminate indians, father saved Jamestown, thought good allies, made English made, Disney-fake
Why the Indians Lost
Disease (small pox, measles, bubonic plague, mumps), Inter-tribal war, Technology (Horses, limits on guns) -- TECH. MOST IMPORTANT
Bacon's Rebellion (1676)
Uprising of farmers and slaves, angry over politics (land, taxes), conflict with indian protection
Puritan Experiment
Puritans came to New World because of religious persecution, Church of England beyond hope, God's wrath on Europe, Fear of falling into sin, moral guilt
Colonial Patriarchy
Married men rule like kings, lots of kids sign of manhood, set-up for children of bad father

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