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12/14/06: St. John's; HIS-1000C-312; Wax; FINAL


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What played a role in breaking the power that the vatican had over various monarchies?
protestant reformation
2 instances that occured to begin the trend of nationalism
-english revolution
-treaty of west philia
definition of regicide
idea to kill the monarch
major power of any government
control the money
difference between english monarchy and every other monarchy
-english monarchy had a parliment to help balance power
main cause of the english civil war
the emerging merchant class feels that the king should not control the money supply... he should have to answer to somebody (parliment)
treaty of west philia
recongnition of the true nation state in europe
3 first major players in expanding their empires overseas
most important generator of the availablity of information
the written word
definition of secular humanism
idea that breaks away from religous foundation
2 instances of social and political change
-the enlightenment
-industrial revolution
the reality of what is happening around us
2 social results of the industrial revolution
-machines take over the jobs of men
-changes relationship between the people and their work
2 economic results of the industrial revolution
-more production and lower cost
-consistancy and uniformity
2 important factors to starting the industrial revolution
-new source of power: water
-new fuel: coal
military result of the industrial revolution
makes the militaries of industrialized nations more powerful
first true major secular state
the united states
definition of liberalism
laissez-faire: keep government hands off the economy and policy
definition of capitalism
government acts on direct behalf of the economy; however when the economy is in action, the government will not interfere
3 positives of capitalism
-reliable sources of material
-reliable control of distribution
-stable economy
2 factions the the french revolution brought about
-girondis faction: moderates
-jacabins faction: extremests
2 reasons why napolean emerged
-no central government
-new idea of nationalism
definition of the congress at vienna
recognize the ligitmency of many european countries after napoleonic wars
major problem with industrialization
no blueprint to go by, no framework
who hurt the most from the industrial revolution?
3 consiquences with the industrial revolution
1. sanitation
2. living conditions
3. continous outbreaks of infectous diseases
reason for the rise of karl marx
criticized the evils of industrialization
definition of proletary
portion of the workers
definition of bushwazee
capital owners
reason why the russian revolution was not the proletariat revolution that marx forsaw
russia was not an industrialized nation at this time; therefore it was peasant vs aristocracy
reason that lenin and marx were wrong
they did not take human nature into consideration... the leaders that ended up leading the revolution became dictators and would not give power back
first concentration camp
british vs boers in south africa
the first modern war
the civil war
2 reasons why the civil war was considered the most modern war
-the rifle
real name for the nazi party
national german socialist workers party (NGSQP)
Protocols of the Elders of Zion
published by the russian secret police in 1905 (orders of zhar nicholas II) to restrict jews where they could live
why the russians restricted the jews
so the russians could keep tabs on their jews
2 countries that had the largest amount of jews
why the italians lost in ethiopia in 1896
the germans armed the ethopians with modern weapons
2 countries that were considered the sick men of europe
-austria-hungarian empire
-ottoman empire
first country outside europe (and us) to play the globalization game
definition of germ theory
for the first time, science will figure out why people get sick and die
reason why russia pulled out of WW1
russian revolution
result of the treaty of versilles
-facism comes out of germany
definition of the vimarch government
the unrealiable democratic weak government that took over after ww1 in germany
definition of reichstag
-the german parliment
3 components of the nazi party
SA - sturmabteilung - storm trooper
SD - sicherheitsdienst - security force
SS - schutzstaffel - body guard
2 types of SS
totenkoft - death heads
gestapo - state police
definition of enabling act
gave hitler emergency powers
definition of the kuomintang
the new government in china in 1923
problem with japan economically
has no access to natural responses so had to resort to imports
2 factions in japan
-aggressor (won out in 1930)
first action of the japanese aggression
they invade manchuria
2 countries that ignored the league of nations
-italy when they invaded ethiopia
-japan when they invaded manchuria
definition of youth in asia
Hitler begins to execute retarded people
definition of nuremburg laws
seperated jewish population from germans and determine who is a jew and who isnt
relationship of nazi germany and ussr right before ww2
non agression pact was signed that split up eastern europe
first paratroopers ever
russia invaded finland and ppl jumped out of planes into the snow without parachutes
british and french declared war on germany but they did not attack the unguarded border
2 mistakes made by hitler
-invasion of the soviet union
-declared war on US
3 changes in the societies of asia during the 19th century:
-population growth
-social unrest
-presence of western imperialist powers
3 ways that asia responded to the invasion of western powers:
-drive the foreigners away
-preserve their cultural traditions at all costs
-adopt european ideas or techniques from their own purposes
7 major raw material exports of asia:
4 major technologies that asians adopted from the europeans:
-modern sanitation
-more manufactured goods
first country to adopt western ideas:
main idea that the asians took from the western nations:
social problem that has always been in america:
2 that latin america tried to mimic the west:
-assimilation of foreign peoples
2 problems with latin america:
-political instability
-economies often dominated by the US or Great Brtain slowed growth
2 countries that followed the path of the US:
problem with canada:
-french separatism, centered in quebec
3 things that transformed australia into a great democratic nation:
immigrant production of:
2 reasons for WW1:
-the greed of diplomacy
-the rising idea of nationalism in the later 19th century
2 ideas that WW1 eliminated:
-multinational empires
social triumph that came out of WW1:
-national self-determination
2 revolutions that were products of WW1:
-russian revolution
-administrative revolution
major threat to western europe after WW1:
-the bolsheviks took power in russia
goal of the administrative revolution after WW1:
-emphasised the need to mobilize entire societies and economies for total war
2 loses of the admistrative revolution:
-liberal market capitalism
-well-integrated world economy
what did eastern europe become after ww1?
a power vacuum between ussr and germany
2 things that the asian nationalist movements against the western colonizers sought:
-human dignity
-political freedom
6 places where nationalism occured during this time
-the arab world
3 aspects of nationalism:
-cultural renaissance
3 intellectual crisis' that society underwent post WW1 that lead to the depression:
-facination with irrational forces
characteristic of most of the dictatorships before ww2:
-they were a variation of conservative authoritarianism
3 characteristics of hitlers germany and stalins ussr
-asserted total claim on the lives of their citizens
-posed ambitious goals
-demanded popular support
main difference between stalin and hitlers dictatorship:
-stalin wanted to build their kind of socialism at home and hitler wanted to conquer
2 things that made ww2 inevitable:
-nazi racism
-unlimited aggression

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