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3:1 The Indo-Europeans


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Indo-Europeans (5 points)
- nomadic people - came from steppes - herded cattle with chariots - spoke Indo-European - lived in tribes
dry grasslands
What 4 languages does Indo-European trace back to?
English, Spanish, Persian, and Hindi
Why and when did the Indo-Europeans leave their homelands?
No one is quite sure why they left, but they migrated in all directions between 1700 and 1200 B.C.
movement over a long period of time
Who were the Hittites
A group of Indo-European speakers who occupied Anatolia by about 2000 BC
Also called Asia Minor a huge peninsula in modern day-turkey that juts out into the Black and Meditteranean
What was the capital of the Hittite civilization?
How were the Hittites on a militarily?
They dominated Southwest Asia for 450 years and occupied Babylon, the chief city of in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley and struggled with Egypt for control of Syria. Niether could win so they ended their conflicts with a peace treaty
How did the Hittites blend their own traditions with those of other more advanced cities?
They adopted Akkadian, a Babylonian language and borrowed ideas on art, politics, law, and literature from the Mesopotamians.
How did the Hittites excel in war?
Their iron technology and chariots
Why did the Hittite empire fall in 1190 BC?
invasions- northern tribes burned the capital
Where did the Aryans come from?
It is believed they came from somewhere between the Caspian and Aral eas, crossed over the NW mountain passes into the Indus River Valley of India, or that they originated from India.
What was their sacred literature and what did it tell of?
The Vedas, which were a collection of prayers, magical spells and instructions for performing rituals. It was passed along orally
Who were the enemies of the Aryans and how were they different than the Aryans?
The dasas were shorter, darker and spoke a different language. They were also not a pastoral people.
THe Aryans were organized into what four groups
Brahmins: priests warriors traders and landowners peasants or traders untouchables
skin color
what did castes decide?
what work the person did, whom they could marry, and the people with whom they could eat.
a great epic of India that reflects the struggles that took place in India as the Aryan kings worked to control Indian lands.

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