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G5-C6-French and English Come to America


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Samuel de Champlain was chosen to start the colony of __________.
New France
France established colonies in North America in order to __________.
increase its fur trade
Louis Joliet was probably the first European to sail on the __________.
Mississippi River
John Cabot's voyage was important because he sailed to the __________.
Grand Banks
Who explored New York Harbor in 1609?
Henry Hudson
The English seamen who attacked Spain's treasure ships were called __________.
Henry Hudson explored what is now Hudson Bay in __(year)__.
The explorer's search for the Northwest Passage led to __________.
large areas of land claimed for England, France, and the Netherlands
Samuel de Champlain built a trading post on the St. Lawrence River called __________.
Which of the Great Lakes did Champlain cross?
Which explorer traveled down the Mississippi as far as the Gulf of Mexico?
La Salle
A large fleet of ships is called __________.
an armada
Who ruled England at the time the English defeated the Spanish fleet?
Queen Elizabeth I
The waterway that explorers hoped would link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is called the __________.
Northwest Passage
John Cabot was the captain of the first English ship to __________.
cross the Atlantic Ocean
European explorers hoped the Northwest Passage would lead to __________.
Which explorer sailed into present-day New York harbor in 1524?
Giovanni de Verrazano
The French helped the Huron fight the Iroquois to save the __________.
fur trade
Joliet and Marquette hoped the __________ River would lead to Asia.
Sir Francis Drake disliked the Spanish because they __________.
attacked his ships off Mexico
What land did Robert La Salle claim for France?
the Mississippi River valley
In exchange for furs, the French provided the Huron with __________.
Cabot sailed along the coast of __________.
What effect did the fur trade have on the Huron?
It changed their way of living.
Is the following a fact or an opinion?
Sir Francis Drake was the greatest explorer who ever lived.
La Salle sailed through much of the __________.
Great Lakes region
England's victory over the Spanish Armada meant that __________.
Spain could no longer stop other nations from colonizing North America
Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City in __(year)__.
Robert La Salle claimed Louisiana for __________.
Which country claimed the Mississippi and the St. Lawrence river valleys?

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