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US History quiz 1


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1754-1763, one of many wars between france and england in 1700s.
French and Indian War
Oldest settlement in US, 1565
St. Augustine Florida
First step to republican gov't, bi cameral modeled after england's parliament
House of Burgesses
European immigrants who worked for as many as 7 years to pay off cost of passage
indentured servants
diverse econ, farming most popular job, and also center of colonial shipping. merchants wealthiest
char. of New England
included Dutch, Scotch-Irish, and German settlers, had more fertile soil, exported wheat and corn.
char. of middle colonies
lots of agriculture with rich soil and warm climate, econ based on crops like indigo, tobacco, and rice for export, slaves cultivated farmland.
char. of southern colonies
religious group who wanted to reform church of england
1620, what pilgrims signed before landing at Plymouth. agreed to be governed by gov't that they created (self gov't)
Mayflower compact
way that slave trade worked...NE merchants gave rum to W. Africa who gave slaves to west indies who gave sugar for more rum to NE.
triangular trade
written into law by 1700
race based slavery
voyage that slaves took from africa to america.
middle passage
gov't where people elect reps who speak and act for other citizens
gov't by people...began in athens in BC
intellectual movement that thought that reliance on reason and experience would lead to social progress
believed in constitutional rights including life liberty and propety
john locke
french philosopher who believed that british political system worked because power was divided between monach and two houses of parliament
baron de montesqieu
french philosopher who fully developed idea of social contract-influenced dec. of ind.
idea that people are in contract with gov'tthat they can be governed
social contract
french philosopher who wrote philosiphical letters praising british instituting and rights. worte against religious tolerance and persecution
provided legal authority to companies or indivs to start a colony
german immigrant to New York who was tried for seditiout libel for accusing NY's governor of wrong doing. found not guilty
has to do with free press
john peter zenger

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