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World History - Unit 3


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the concept of belief in one God
born into a powerful Meccan family. He became a trader and business manager for Khadijah.
a monotheistic religion that developed in Arabia in the seventh century A.D.
a follower of Islam
the holy book of Islam
a dynasty that ruled the Muslim Empire from A.D. 661 to 750 and later established a kingdom in al-Andalus
a religious image used by eastern Christians
the Russian verstion of Caesar
Turkish military slaves who became a powerful in the Abbasid Empire
one of the first migrating Turkish groups
Malik Shah
the most famous of Seljuk sultans
Tang Taizong
Tang emperor who began brilliant achievements
Movable type
blocks of metal or wood that can be arranged to make up a page for printing
a member of a nomadic group that herds domesticated animals
Genghis Khan
Temujin accepted this title that meant "universal ruler" of the Mongol clans
Kublai Khan
a China emperor who found a new dynasty called the Yuan Dynasty
Marco Polo
a young Venetian trader
the native religion of Japan
one of the professional warriors who served Japanese feudal lords
the strict code of behavior followed by samurai warriors in Japan
in feudal Japan, a supreme military commander who ruled in the name of the emperor
Khmer Empire
a Southeast Asian empire, centered in what now is Cambodia, that reached its peak of power around A.D. 1200
Koryu Dynasty
a dynasty that ruled Korea from A.D. 935 to 1392
Middle Ages
the era in European history that followed the fall of the Roman Empire last from about 500 to 1500 - also called the medieval period
a Germanic people who settled in the Roman province of Gaul and established a great empire during the Middle Ages
a religious community of men who have given up their possessions to devote themselves to a life of prayer and worship
concerned with worldy rather than spiritual leaders
Pepin the Short's son who gained control after his death. Also known as "Charles the Great"
in feudal Europe, a person who controlled land and could therefore grant estates to vassals
an estate granted to a vassal by a lord under the feudal system in medieval Europe
in feudal Eruope, a person who received a grant of land from a lord in exchange for a pledge of loyalty and services
in medieval Europe, an armored warrior who fought on horseback
a medieval peasant legally bound to live on a lord's estate
a lord's estate in feudal Europe
a code of behavior for knights in medieval Europe, stressing ideals such as courage, loyalty, and devotion
a mock battle between groups of knights
Holy Roman Empire
an empire established in Europe in the 10th century A.D., originally consisting of mainly lands which is now Germany and Italy
Canon Law
the body of laws governing the religious practices of a Christian church
one of the expeditions in which medieval Christian warriors sought to recover control of the Holy Land from the Muslims
Richard the Lion-Hearted
English king who mounted a siege on the city of Acre
Urban II
after reading a letter from a Byzantine emperor, this pope issued a call for the first crusade
the Muslim leader during the fall of Jerusalem
a Roman Catholic tribunal for investigating and prosecuting charges of the heresy
the everyday language of people in a region or country
William the Conquerer
an invader also known as duke of Normandy
Henry II
English king who married Elanor of Aquitaine
Magna Carta
a document guaranteeing basic political rights in England, drawn up by nobles and approved by King John
a body of representatives that makes laws for a nation
Great Schism
a division in the medieval Roman Catholic Church, during which rival popes were established in Avignon and in Rome
John Wycliffe
an Englishman that preached that Jesus Christ was the true head of the Church
Bubonic Plague
a deadly disease that nearly one-thirsd of the population in Europe died of
Hundred Years' War
a conflict in which England and France battled on French soil on and off from 1337 to 1453
Joan of Arc
teenage french peasant girl who felt moved by God to rescue France from its English conquerors

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