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The best synonym for secular is
A person who produces work "in the vernacular" is one who writes in local
rather than
classical language
The printing press wa invented by
Johann Gutenburg
The followers of John Knox became known as
Which group founded superb schools and trained missionaries
The Jesuits
The term renaissance means
What country was made up of city - states
northern Italy
The doctrine of predestination was centralto the religiou teachings of
John Calvin
The main reason behine the split between the English Church and the Roman Church was Henry VIII's
desire for a male heir
What portion of the total population is Christian?
33 %
Which continental area is about evenly d evided between Christians and non-Christians
In what regions did the Renaissance begin
northern Italy
What was written as a guide for how to become a "Renassance man"
The Courtier
Desiderius Erasmus, Thomas More, and Francois Rabelais were prominent
Christian humanists
John Gutenburg is famous for
Inventing the printing press
To become known as an important patron, one most needs to be
The intellectual and cutural movement known as humanism arose from the study of
classical Greek and Roman culture
The first use of movable type was in
What did Thomas More write
Predestination was one of the main doctrines of
What doctrine was agreed upon at the Council of Trent
The Churche's interpretation of the Bible is final
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
According to Castiglione the ideal "Renaissance man" was
skilled in a wide variety of areas
Martin Luther's theses were an attack on the Church's
methods of raising money
Which reformer was excommunicated by Pope Leo X
Martin Luther
Which continental area has the greatest number of Muslims?
On which continental area are eight out of any ten people likely to be Roman Catholic
Latin America
The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper were painted by
Leonardo da Vinci
The period of European History knoiwn as the Renaissance roughly covers the time from
1300 to 1600
The technique known as perdpective is most useful in the creation of
3 dimensional art
Renaissance painters in Flanders, as in Italy, tended to produce work that was
In Greek, the word Utopia means
"no place"
What did Desiderius Erasmus and Francois Rabelais have in common
Both were considered humanists
The founder of the religious order known as the Jesuits was
Ignatius of Loyola
Which group believed that only the baptism od adults was valid ?
Who wrote the guide for how to gain power and keep it
The Prince
What did not weaken the church in the 1400 and 1500
Formation of the Jusuit order
The Presbyters were followers of
John Knox
John Calvin's teachings had, as a central theme, the concept of
What doctrine was not agreed upon at Council of Trent
local church authorities had to be the originators of the process of excommunication
A person who uses shrewdness and trickery to get and hold power could be described as being
Edmund Spenser dedicated his poem "The Faerie Queen" to
Elizabeth I
About what % of the total population is non-religious
20 %
What contintal area has the greatest number of Jews
North America
Which continental area has 8 out of 10 people are likely to be Roman Catholic
Latin America
Which Continental area is evenly divided between Roman Catholic and Mainstream Protestants
Who was the artiat,scientist and inventor that left personal papers written in "mirror writing"
Leonardo da Vinci
Medici family members are famous for being
rulers and supporters of the arts
The first full size book printed with moveable type on the printing press was
The Bible
The Peace of Augsburg ended the war between the supporters of
Catholic and Protestant German princes
Utopia was written by
Thomas More
The Peace of Augsburg declared that the religion of each German state would be decided by
that state's ruler
To which religious group do the mennonites and the Amish trace their origin
The founder of the Jesuit order was
Ignatius of Loyola

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