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A presidential decree that stated that communism was a serious threat and that containment was crucial in stopping the domino effect
The Truman Doctrine
The policy of stopping the spread of communism by any means
Stated that a conflict between democracy and communism was unavoidable, and that deterrence and military might was key to containment
Plan designed to help European nations rebuild economically; with the thought strong nations will not turn to communism
Marshall Plan
Started by western democracies, the point of this group was to suppress communism with military force if need be
Created to gather information and spy on foreign nations, and was given the power to engage in operations.
Military conflict that between the democratic half of Korea backed by the United Nations and the communist half backed by the Soviets
Korean War
American general that lead army during Phillippine War and was realeased by Truman because he wanted to drop atomic bomb China
Douglas MacArthur
This group investigated into anyone who negatively portrays/speaks on American government
House UnAmerican Activity Committee
Government agent accused of passing classified documents to Soviets; McCarthy saw this as America becoming soft
Alger Hiss
Wisconsin senator that went on campaign to end communism domestically
Joseph McCarthy
Government volunteer organization started to promote development in 3rd world countries.
Peace Corps
After Americans attempt to kill him, Fidel Castro turns to Soviets for increased military might. Communist threat greater than ever
Cuban Missile Crisis
Created by the National Housing Act, the goals are to improve housing conditions and standards and provide adequate home financing
Federal Housing Administration
white supremacist group that opposed integration and focused around saving Anglo heritage
White Citizens Council
document published after Truman investigation into lynching and Civil Rights for blacks in America
To Secure These Rights
This court decision struck down all white primaries and allowed blacks to help decide the candidate on the party ticket
Smith v. Allwright
Court decision that schools and education were unequal between whites and blacks and that they must be integrated
Brown v. Board of Education
Created by W.E.B DuBois, this group was comprised mainly of wealthy blacks and lawyers that attacked legislation.
These two groups were founded with students that were upset about the tame nature of the civil rights movement, promoted more activism
Integrated buses that rode into segregated southern states to challenge Jim Crow legislation
Freedom Rides
The president who gets the Civil Rights Act passed, and created the Great Society
Lyndon B Johnson
Legislation that forbids discrimination in any way, shape, or form. Established title 9 and guarantees the right to vote
Civil Rights Act 1964

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