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A.P.E.S Chapter 1-2


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Sustainable Society
Satisfies the basics needs without depleting or degrading natural resources
Population growth
-World Population: 6.1 Million
relationships between organisms and their enviroment
Enviromental Science
application of natural and social sciences to understand how the earth works how humans effect the enviroment and to propose/ evaluate solutions to enviromental problems
3 Reasons of population increase
1.Increase in birth 2.decrease in infant moratality 3.increase in lifespan
Equations of Population Growth
Economic Growth
increase in capacity to provide goods and services accomplished by population and consumption growth
GNP(gross national product)
$ provided within and outside a country
GDP(gross domestic product)
$ provided withing a country
GWP(Gross World Product)
$ produced in the world
per capita GNP
GNP/total population
economic development
imptovement of living standards by economic growth
basic needs
additives to the air water soil and food which threatens organisms can occur naturally or through human activities
Sources of Pollution
point->singe source non-point-> dispersed sources
Causes of Enviromental Problems
air pollution water pollution biodiversity depletion waste production food supply
Causes of Pollution
rapid population growth unsustainable resource use poverty improper management of nature
First Conservationists
Native Americans
Frontier Expansion
European Colonists
Early Conservation Warnings
People warned about enviromental depletion Ralph Emerson Henry David Thoreau George Marsh
Fed's Roles in Conservation
Sets up 2 million acres in the first national park Yellowstone
Keep Wilderness
Scientific Conservationists
multiple use public lands for economical growth
Expanding Federal Role
CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps 1984-first air pollution disaster in PA.
Earth Day
April 22 1970

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