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Theatrical Cartoons pt.2


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How was European Animation different from what was going on in America?
heavily influenced by Abstract and Op Art with an emphasis on the relationship of formal elements.
How was it closer to what was happening in mainstream art?
more abstract than cute, explore abstract concepts
What are the main goals, in general, of European Animation?
emphasized experimentation and abstract animation set to classical music
What, specifically, is the focus or perspective of Oskar Fischinger?
Abstract "dance" to music
What role does puppeteering play at this time? Who is Lotte Reiniger and who is George Pal?
The Adventures of Prince Achmed, 1925,George Pal created amusing little puppet animations, puppet-toons, in the Netherlands
What did Leopold Stokowski want to accomplish?
bring classical music to the masses - to an audience that would never go to a concert hall or listen to a radio concert. He began to talk to Disney about a collaboration
How did European animation influence Walt Disney?
abstract animation to popularize classical music
What role did Oskar Fischinger play in the production of Fantasia I?
Oskar Fischinger collaborated but left
How did Disney set up the beginning of Fantaia?
Strakoksy conducting the orchestra
Why did he set it up this way?
ease audience into new style
Why did Fantasia not meet with CRITICAL acclaim. Don’t confuse this with public response for the use of Fantasound.
visual interpretation not respected, adapted most music
What is Fantasound anyway?
early stereo sound
What was the perspective or focus of Warner Brothers?
Irreverence, Irresponsibility, Satrical Gags, Physical Violence, Rapid-Fire Editing, Everything that Disney Wasn't
What piece made fun of Fantasia?
Corny Concerto
Who started Looney Tunes (the artsts)
Hugh Harman, Rudolf Ising, Isadore "Fritz" Freleng
What is the difference between a Looney Tune and a Merrie Melody?
Shot in color starting in 1934, Looney tunes stayed Black and White until 1943.
What techniques and philosophies of animation did Tex Avery contribute to Warner when he was there?
developed an affininty for the visual "pun", exaggeration with "rubber hose" animation
What caused Avery to leave Warner? Where did he go?
killed bugs, MGM
What are the differences between Tex Avery and Chuck Jones?
characters "popped' from pose to pose
What were the Warner Brothers and MGM equivalents to Silly symphonies?
Merry Mellodies, Happy Harmonies
Why was everyone imitating or making fun of Disney?
cause they were the best
How has Tex Avery influenced Roger Rabbit?
chuck Jones
How has Tex Avery influenced Blue Sky?
squash and stretch
Who are Max and Dave Fleischer?
Made the first multiplane camera several years before Disney
What technique Fleitscher in animation did they introduce and perfect?
First to begin a system of inbetweening
What was the name of the clown?
Ko-Ko the clown
Later – who were  Fleischer's main characters?
Betty Boop, Popeye the Sailor, Superman
What was Fleischer’s focus or perspective?
Adult Fears and Emotions.
Why was Betty Boop such a different character for the times?
fist female lead, sexy for time
What was revolutionary about the backgrounds in Popeye?
3d moving backgrounds
Name all of the technical achievements that Fleischer invented and Disney got credit for…?
  1. Made the first multiplane camera several years before Disney
  2. First to begin a system of inbetweening.Name all of the technical achievements that Fleischer invented and Disney got credit for…?
What was wrong with Fleischer’s stories?
lack of story
 Superman was really different. Why?
drawn differently
What do you remember about the Fleischer strike? Why did Fleischer move his studio to Florida? What impact did that have on his production? What did Paramount do?
because they wanted unions, closed studio
 What is Famous Studios? What did they produce?
created new characters, like Casper, but retained and continued to produce Popeye.
Who is Walter Lantz?
Oswald the Rabbit (reincarnated as an all-white bunny); Andy Panda, Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, Wally Walrus and Buzz Buzzard
Why are Famous, Ub Iwerks Studio, Van Beuren Studio considered studios that time forgot. What did they lack?
story, memorable characters

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