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G5-C7-Settlement of the Atlantic Coast


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Chapter 7
Settlement of the Atlantic Coast
Virginia began to grow once the Virginia Company allowed colonists to __________.
farm land of their own
The first elected European lawmaking body in North America was the __________.
Virginia House of Burgesses
The colonies of New Sweden and New Netherland began as __________.
fur-trading posts
The Puritans came to North America to seek religious freedom and to __________.
live by God's laws
Jamestown was settled in __________.
The first English settlement in North America was __________.
The Mayflower Compact and the Virginia House of Burgesses were important steps toward __________.
What were the Pilgrims in search of when they came to North America?
religious freedom
Which settlement was located near the mouth of the Mississippi River?
New Orleans
By about 1720, England had claimed most of North American land along the __________.
Atlantic coast
Which of the Virginia Company's decisions made the colonists feel more at home?
to send women to the colony
The French built most of their early settlements in the area around __________.
the Great Lakes
A historical map is a map that gives information about __________.
past events and where they took place
The northernmost of the early European settlements in North America was __________.
A person who makes a journey for religious reasons is called a __________.
What major contribution did Peter Stuyvesant make to New Amsterdam?
He brought law and order.
What was the name of the first Puritan settlement in North America?
Why did the Virginia Company start a colony in North America?
They wanted to make money.
Which river runs through both Quebec and Montreal?
St. Lawrence
Which crop helped the settlers at Jamestown to thrive?
Someone chosen by a group of people to speak and act for them is a __________.
Unlike the Puritans who remained in the Church of England, the Pilgrims __________.
separated from the English church
What event in 1614 brought peace between the colonists and the Powhatan?
Pocahontas and Rolfe's marriage
Which of the following was a French settlement? Williamsburg - Charles Town - Massachusetts Bay Colony - Sault Ste. Marie
Sault Ste. Marie
Shares of ownership in a company are called _______.
What type of shelter did the Swedes and Finns introduce in North America?
the log cabin
The settlement at New Amsterdam later became the city of __________.
New York
Which of the following would a historical map most likely show? the highest mountain - modern routes between cities - forest regions - the Vikings route to North America
the Vikings route to North America
John Smith saved Jamestown by making the colonists __________.
work harder
Who was the leader of the Puritan colony in Massachusetts Bay?
John Winthrop

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