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World Civ. Ch. 19.1: Spain


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what caused spain's decline?
defeat of spanish armada; costly wars; inflation; industry and agriculture deteriorated.
why were philip iii and iv unsuccessful rulers?
lacked philip II's intelligence and interest in politics; turned over most govt. affairs to nobles (which lead to widespread corruption)
an abnormal increase in currency resulting in sharp price rises
philip II was also known as
the prudent king
the last of the spanish hapsburgs
charles ii (philip iv's son)
a palace built by philip II which served as a royal court, art gallery, monastery, and tomb for spanish royalty
El Escorial
leaders in aragon and other spanish provinces didn't like castile's what did aragon do?
it revolted in 1590, but it had no success
how had Castile been united w/Aragon?
when Ferdinand of Aragon married Isabella of Castile in 1469
which country rebelled causing Spain to recognize it's independenc in 1668.
who were the religious minorities in spain?
protestants, marranos (jewish converts to christianity), and moriscos (muslim converts)
a form of govt. w/unlimited power held by one individual or a group.
philip ii personally attended _______ __ __, the elaborate public rituals of sentencing heretics usually followed by executions
autos da fé
philip II made castile center of spain and empire and ________ in Castile, beame the capital.
in 1500's and 1600s, monarchs wanted to ....
end independence of cities and feudal territories, and create powerful kingdoms w/everyone loyal to the Crown.
the literary form of Spanish spoken at the royal court
trade from overseas empire was controlled by Castilian city of...
Seville (Castilian merchants benefited most from trade).
what happened when philip ii tried to impose catholicism on netherlands?
dutch protestants rebelled, and it was a long bloody conflict. dutch declared independence in 1581.
political theory popular in 15-1600s that a ruler derived absolute authority to govern directly from God.
divine right
philip ii used to support england's elizabeth I as queen, but then what caused him to rid himself of her?
she helped protestant rebels in the Netherlands
philip ii wanted to end which religion?
Rulers from Spain who were the leading power of western Europe for most of this time. They drew their strength from their possessions in Americas and Europe (Spain, Netherlands, Milan, Burgundy, and Portugal)
Hapsburgs of Spain
most powerful monarch in Spanish history
Philip II (1556-1598)
what was the spanish armada?
warships w/plans to invade england..had 130 ships, and 33000 men. fighting against england, it was forced to reteat to North Sea. about 40 sank in Irish Sea, and 15,000 soldiers killed.
how old was charles ii when became king?
4 yrs. old, under regency of mother, was physically/mentally weak, married but no kids, so no heirs, european monarchs plotted to control the succession of spanish throne.
fleet of warships organized to carry out a mission

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