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Calvert 5th grade history Block 40


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What is a journey for a certain purpose?
Who explored the St. Lawrence and founded Quebec?
Samuel de Champlain
Who is a person who travels for religious reasons?
Explored a river in his ship, the Half Moon. Claimed land that became New Netherland.
Henry Hudson
What is a narrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land?
Who explored the Mississippi River?
Marquette & Joliet
Who is a person sent to teach religion and provide help for people who need it?
Who explored South America and conquered th Incas?
Francisco Pizarro
What is a land that is settled far from the country that governs it?
To search for new things or places?
What is a group of armed ships?
What is what many countries tried to find, the way to get around or through North America by water?
Northwest Passage
Who was a Viking explorer who sailed west across the North Atlantic and named the new land he found Vinland?
Leif Ericson
Who are a group of people who shared Sir Walter Raleigh's dream of an English colony in Virginia but realized that would be too costly for one person?
The London Company
Who helped defeat the Spanish Armada and explored the Pacific Coast of North America and sailed around the world?
Francis Drake
Those people who had broken away from the English church were called what?
Who explored Central America and was the first European to see the eastern Pacific Ocean?
Vasco de Balboa
A group of people who landed far from Virginia realized they needed laws to obey so they wrote up what papers?
Mayflower Compact
Who discovered the St. Lawrence River in Canada and claimed land around it for his country?
Jacques Cartier
Who was the first European to set foot in North America since Leif Ericson and discovered an island off the coast of Canada?
John Cabot
People who wanted to come to the colony but were too poor to pay the fare on the ship who would find others who agreed to pay their fare in return for work for a certain length of time?
Indentured servants
Who were a bold and brave sailing people?
The Vikings

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