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Honors World History


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History begins when...
man develops writing
How long ago did man develop writing?
5,000 years ago
What was the old stone age from 2,500,000 to circa 10,000 BCE
middle stone age from 10,000 to circa 8,000
new stone age from 8,000 to circa 4,000
What is a human or humanlike creature that walked upright
what are southern apes from africa ex. lucy
what is an upright human being
homo erectus
what are the 2 subgroups of homo sapiens
neanderthals and cro magnons
who are the mythical cavemen used tools fire and cook food buried dead
what are homo sapiens sapiens anatomically modern human inveted spears
cro magnons
What revolution comprised of the domestication of animals and systematic agriculture?
neolithic revolution
6 basic characteristics of civilization
cities government religion social structure writing art
The nile is ___ in the winter and ____ in the summer
warmer, cooler
Natural resources of the nile?
barriers- water, mts. desert
What provides the link to deciphering the language of the ancient egyptians?
rosetta stone
who discovered the rosetta stone?
napolean\'s army
who discovered the importance of egyptian and greek writing on the rosetta stone?
John f champollion
Who united egypt
who was the first pharoah of egypt
what means great house?
the pharoah was the ____ and _____leader of egypt--full power
relgious and political
The 30 egyptian dynasties were dvided into 3 kingdoms called
old middle and new
Name 3 significant things that happened during the old kingdom
Pyramids and Sphinx carved Mummification process power of pharoahs less power of nobles more
Name 2 things that happened during the middle kingdom
egypt fell to hyskos kyskos conquered egypt and ruled for 100 yrs
Name 3 things that happened during the new kingdom
pharoahs created an army power of pharoah increases hatshepsut first female pharoah
What means between the rivers
What are the 4 things that make mesopotamia much different from egypt
Migration Conquest Geography Flooding of Rivers
Name 2 things the sumerians did
created 1st city states created cuneiform
Name 2 things the akkadians did
led by Sargon 1 conquer sumeriea, create first empire
Name 2 things the babylonians did
with Hammurabi gain control of messopotamia write code of hammurabi
Name 2 things the hittites did
first to use iron weapons law required fine
Name 4 things the assyrians did
first to use calvary used battering ram capital of Ninevah epic of gilgamesh
Name 2 things the chaldeans did
skilled astronomers nebuchadnezzer constructed hanging gardens of babylon
Name 4 things the persians did
collected taxes built roads had 3 great leaders cyrus darius xerxes religion of zoroastrianism
Name 2 things the phoenecians did
greatest sailors/traders alphabet
Name 2 things the lydians do
introduce coin money change economy from barter to money
Who were european tribes who migrated from the north to india
What is named because of the vedas (literature) written in sanskrit
vedic age
What are the 5 castes in india
brahmins kshatriyas vaisyas sudras pariahs
Who were brahmins
who were kshatriyas
who were vaisyas
who were sudras
peasants artisans farmers laborers
who were pariahs
The caste system also split into hundreds of subgroups within each cast called _____
What is the belief that god and human beings are one
Who is the divine essence
who is the individual essence
the world to our senses is an illusion called ____
what are the 2 elements of reincarnation
dharma and karma
what is the fullfillment of ones moral duties in life
If you fulfill your dharma you can attain salvation and reunite with ____
Hindus practiced yoga to?
achieve oneness with their god
Who is the creator? preserver? destroyer?
brahma vishnu siva
Who founded buddhism?
siddhartha guatama or buddha
who at 29 left his palace to discover the misery and suffering of humans
what are the 4 noble truths
all life involves suffering and sorrow desire for pleasure and material gain causes suffering and sorrow Renouncing desires can free you from suffering and helps soul attain nirvana which releases you from reincarnation The 8 fold path leads to renunciations and attianment of nirvana
What is the eight fold path
right views intentions speech action living effort mindfulness concentration
Buddhism splits into 2 branches they are
theraveda and mahayana
Name 4 things the shang dynasty did
created organized government introduced bronze weapons built irrigation systems
Name 4 things the Zhou dynasty did
mandate of heaven longest dynasty iron weapons/tools use of coined money
what is the right to rule over people
mandate of heaven
What are 4 things the Qin dynasty did
1st emperor Shihuangdi created 1st empire built great wall established system of weights and measures
What 4 things did the han dynasty do
establish civil service system and exam massive population growth prolonged peace silk road
Who is AKA Kongzi
What are the collection of writings written by confucius follwers
the analects
what are the 2 elements of confucianism
duty and humanity
Who founded daoism
The ___ is an indescribable force that governs the universe and all of nature
People should not strive for riches or power but be ____, _____, and _____.
quiet humble and thoughtful
Combination of contradictory ideas and two achieves a balance of opposites
yin and yang
what is non action or do by not doing act by not acting

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