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ISS 315 Exam 2


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What was the capital of the Inca Empire?
What was the name of the courtyard of gold?
What was the name of the ancient Inca city of gold?
What was the Choqueconcha?
A gold enclosure
What was Vasco Nunez de Balboa known for?
he first mentioned the Zipa and found the Muisca Confederation. Also was the first to tell the story of El Dorado
What connected the ancient cities of the Incas together?
15000 miles of laid out stone roads
What was the name of the actual lake the Zipa bathed in?
Lake Guatavita
What was the name of the sacared lake that Inca's scarficed artifacts into?
Lake Titicaca
What does El Dorado mean?
The Golden One
How much was the ransom for the king Outoupa?
2 rooms of gold and silver
Were the pyramids of Paratoari man made or natural?
The letter of Paytiti said what about El Dorado?
it was 10 days northeast of Cusco
What are the Pyramids of Paratoari?
strange rocky formations deep in the jungle that are hard to get to
What was the name of the city that was supposedly close to El Dorado?
What was the civilization the Zipa belonged to?
The Muisca Confederation
Why did the Inca have so many artifacts made of gold?
They were built to worship their god the sun and gold resembled the sun.
What was the name of the ancient king that was covered in gold and bathed in lake Titicaca while making offerings to the Gods?
The Zipa (El Dorado)
Who found the lost city Manchu Picchu adn in what year was it discovered?
Hiram Bingham in 1911
Who was the Spanish Conquistador that captured the Inca King Outoupa?
Francisco Pizzaro
What was the name given to the Spanish visitors that came into the Inca civilization and took all their gold?
What was some of the major features of the town of Akrotiri?
it was the earliest organized town structure, it had fresh running water in each house, and each house had a sewer system (bathroom and toilet)
What was the civilization called after the finding of the Palace of Crete?
The Minoan Civilization
What ancient civilization was suppose to hold the knowledge for the location of El Dorado?
The Incas
Who was the ancient Greek Mythology king that had a huge labyrinth beneath his Palace with the legendary beast Minotaur hidden it it?
King Minos
Arthur Evans
person who discovered the great palace of Crete.
What was Arthur Evans looking for?
Early European civilizations (Greek mythology)
What was the palace related to?
a possible palace of the lost city of Atlantis
The great Palace of Crete was made of what?
When was the Palace supposedly built?
Before ancient Rome and Greece
What was some major features of the Palace?
The large system of interconnected pipes, 1300 rooms in 4 stories, large staircase that let sunlight shine through the Palace.
Who was the Greek philosopher that was associated with this movie?
Did the Palace resemble the descriptions of Plato?
Why where the walls constructed with stone with wooden frames inside them?
to help lessen damage from earthquakes
How many times was the Palace reconstructed?
4 times
What island was known for its repeated volcanic eruptions?
A massive explosion on Santorini may have done what?
swallowed the center island that may have been Atlantis
Who was the first Archaeologist to work on the island of Santorini and what year did he work there?
James Maber Jr. in 1966
What was the first site Maber's team started working on?
How long was Akrotiri believed to be built around?
3-4 thousand years ago

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