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History 230 Final Group 2


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Nye Comittee Hearings
Was a congreesional committee held by Senator Gerald Nye to investigate the connection between US corporations and germany. They discovered "rotten commercialism" where the US corporations bribed forign nations to bolster arms sales.
The Atlantic Charter
Was based on the 14 points and calls for 1)Self determination of a nation after war 2)Free trade and freedom of the seas 3)Disarment of agressor nations 4)New world of security= UN
The Greater East ASIA co-prosperity sphere
To dominate vast asian region by japanese..Japan wanted to be noticed as asia's strongest economical power. China's open door policy prevented this
Admiral Yamamoto
enginered the attack on Pearl harbor and had previously lived in the US. He admired the US's war results
Douglas McArthur
Initiated a democratic revolution in Japan and wrote a democratic constitution giving women voting rights, revitalized the economy and diarmed the nations weapons.
Battle of Stalingrad
Was fought over the city of Stalingrad and the Soviet Union halted Germany's advance and forced surrender of entire german army
Battle of Midway
Was a naval battle between the US and Japan that took place about 6 months after Japan launched the attack at Pearl Harbor. The battle took place near the pacific Midway islands. The US was victorious and gained sea power over Japan
Zoot suit riots
Were riots that occured in LA during WW2 between white sailors and marines and latino youths rcognizable by the "zoot suits" they wore.
Japanese Internment
Roosevelt ordered that all Foriegn born japanese and japanese Americans be removed from the west coast and placed in "relocation centers" until the end of the war. The internment was fueled by anger regarding the sneak attack of pearl harbor.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Nuclear attacks using atomic bombs that were dropped on the two cities.It was to show America's power and force Japan to surrender.
The Holocaust
Hitler ordered that all jews and undiserables including homosexuals, gypsies,physically and mentally handicapped be killed via mass slaughter in concentration camps.
Segregated Military
The US government and Military forces beieved that during a war was no time to introduce integration as 89% were white and seriously opposed integration. Blacks did eventually fight on the front lines and faught well.
Yalta Conference
Roosevelt and Churchill said that they recognized that the Soviet Union had special interest in the western region of Europe
Harry Truman
Became president and commander-in-chief when FDR died before the end of his 4th term and before the end of the war.
Battle of Okinawa
was the largest amphibious attack in WW2 and the last pitched battle of the entire war. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed
Enola Gay
Was a B29 Bomber that was named after the pilots mother and dropped a the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
Joseph Stalin
Was the prime minister during WW2 and Pursued policies to create buffer zones between Germany and the Soviet Union.
Cold War
was the continuing state of conflict post WW2 and primarily over the shape of the post war world
The Truman Doctrine
The US would help anyone trying to be free and aid in resiting takeovers
Containment Policy
Called for confronting the Soviet union in an area of the world where the Soviet Union showed the ability to encroach.
Marshall Plan
George C. Marshall- Plan for lending European countries 12.4 billion to be spent only on US goods to rebuild after the war
National Security Act
1)Creation of Department of defense 2)Set up national security council 3)CIA to conduct spy operations to advise president on current affairs
The Twin Shocks
1)The Soviet Union exploded their first atomic bomb which the US had a monopoly on up until this point 2)The outcome of the chinese civil war
Was a top secret document which was an analysis of future world events. US government expands military budget to compete in a nuclear arms race
Korean War
Cold war becomes Hot and US and SU became allies. US supports south Korea as North and South become divided Truman forces troops out of South Korea
Chinese civil War
Ended in 1949 Mao Zendong promised land reform to divide land among chinese pesants
Dwight Eisenhower
Elected president to replace truman and was a popular war hero
John Foster Dulles
Was secretary of state during Eisenhowers term. He called for liberation for countries under common rule
Massive Retaliation Policy
was the plan for nuclear obliteratioin of the Soviet state or it'c client old republic of china if either took agressive actions."Eisenhower says.."simply means blow the hell out of them in a hurry if they start anything"
Cuban Revolution
Came to be as resistance to US domination in cuba after the Platt amendment. The us planned to take over Castro and failed.
Vietnam and the geneva acoords
It temparily dived Vietnam at the 17th parallel but then vietnam became increasingly Americanized

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