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Ch 31-32


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What was the international state of affairs post WWII?
USSR vs. US for 3rd world country influence, Anti-colonial uprisings in Asia and Africa – threatened to strip Britain and France of their empires
Truman grew up in what City/State?
Kansas City, Kansas
How did Truman serve in WWI?
Captain of an artillery battery
What program of Truman’s was an attempt at “out-dealing the New Deal?”
His 21-points program
When the railroad and coal workers went on strike post WWII, what actions were taken by federal gv’t to resolve the issue?
The gv’t used its wartime powers to seize the mines and Truman’s interior secretary accepted almost all of the union’s demands.
Delegates from 50 nations met in the San Francisco opera house in 1945 to draw a charter to create what?
The United Nations
What was Truman’s requested $400 million to “contain” communism, and where did it go?
Truman Doctrine; Greece and Turkey => committed the US to intervene for “containment” purposes
What was the Marshall Plan?
US Aid towards European economic recovery in the form of $13 billion
Truman Doctrine; Greece and Turkey => committed the US to intervene for “containment” purposes
European economic recovery in the form of $13 billion US Aid towards
Soviet leaders resented what two things, resulting in the restriction and eventual halting of all traffic into West Berlin?
The Marshall Plan and political unification of West Germany
Up until May 1949, when the Berlin wall fell, how was West Berlin supplied?
Airlift of 13,000 tons/day of food, medicine, coal, and equipment
What Treaty was signed April 4, 1949, and by what major nations?
North Atlantic Treaty; US, Britain, France (9 others as well)
What was the North Atlantic Treaty?
It pledged that an attack against any of the members would be considered an attack against all and provided for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
Who was the first black baseball player to be introduced to the major leagues?
Jackie Robinson
What were the major platforms of Truman’s reelection campaign of 1948?
Secure human rights, protect human resources, and increased aid to citizens for the unemployed, retired, and federal aid to education.
What were five things included in Truman’s Fair Deal?
Higher minimum Wage, expanded Social Security, extension of rent controls, increased farm subsidies, and a slum-clearance/public-housing plan
What was Point Four? Was it a success?
A global Marshall plan; No-never accomplished its goals b/c other international problems arose.
What were the consequences in US policy when it was discovered that the Soviets had tested an atomic bomb in 1949?
NSC-68 document: called for the rebuilding of America’s conventional military forces to provide options other than nuclear war
What was the major precedent set by the declaration of war on North Korea in 1950?
The war was by order of the president, NOT by vote of Congress
In 1948, what contributed to the “Red Scare in America?”
Alger Hiss- secret documents; several Communist leaders were discovered in America and put on trial
Who ran in the 1948 election?
a.Truman (D) b.Dewey (R) c.Truman (Dixiecrat)
Who was the best salesman of this gospel of reassuring “good news?”
Reverend Norman Vincent Peale
What is neo-orthodoxy?
The reevaluation of standard doctrine in a more positive light.
Who was a major spokesman for neo-orthodoxy, who said that “undue complacency and conformity” had settled over postwar life?
Reinhold Neibuhr- Spiritual peace involves a pain “caused by love and responsibility” for the well-being of the entire human race.
What was David Riesman’s image of individuals within modern American society?
The “lonely crowd”- individuals without internal values (Death of a Salesman)
Who were the Beats?
A controversial group of young writers, poets, painters, and musicians trying to discard traditional conventions.

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