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pre civil war hist


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archeologists use wat to help fill in gaps left out of historical written documents?
physical artifacts, and fossels
2 factors in how and where people live
adaptation and climate
climatic changes created a massive land bridge, called wat?
with this huge land bridge, poeple who r used to cold weather could increase with wat?
game animals
first migrants. and of wat decent were they according to evedence?
Paleo indians
paleo indians were wat type of hunters>
wat tools did paleo indians come up with?
clovis point
wat group of indians decended from paleo indians?
Archaic indians
Archaic indians hunted wat type of game, and how did they kill it?
Bison, and by a spear at first hen by bow and Arrow
GReat Basin indians inhabited wat area?
the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada
due to their enviromental changes they always wat?
adapted and survived
Pacific coast indians- plz give the low-down.
lived mainly in California, near Santa barbra, fished alot, and dried their catch for the year. Also built canoes, and fished well.
Eastern Woodland indians- low down
live east of the mississippi Rv. main game- deer. ate nuts and fruits. made pottery for trade
Archaic peoples created burial mounds called wat?
Southwestern indians
don't have rlly good water sources, so they used irrigation. also created cliff housing.
by the 1490's there were how many NA?
4 million
Five Iroquois tribes came together forming the leauge of 5 nations for war and diplomacy
Seneca, Onondaga, Mohawk, Oneida, and Cayuga
most powerful Native American tribe-like people. Did Sacrificing and dedication of their victims to there War God. They treated conquored people as tribute, not as people. and this was their downfall.
Leif Erikson
Short lived Norse settlements in far North America
mediterainian trade
mostly used by the silk road that ran thru asia and european continents
black death
killed 75 million, causing many problems and many dangerous voyages however did encourage exploration
Prince Henery-portuguese
african coast, and caravel
vasco de Gama
india voyage
knew the earth was round, went to King Ferdinand and queen Isabella for money came here on pinta, santa Maria and Nina. no money found, brutal
treaty that split new world between Portragal and Spain
Treaty of Tordesilles
Vasco Balboa
claimed parts of the panama
circumnavigated the world
columbian exchange
transatlantic good traded

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