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SocialStudies Chap1&2 Test


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The first European explorers to rech the shores of North America?
Scandinavian vikings led by Leif Eriksson
The Inuit and Aleut used doglseds and one-person canoes called
Soldiers and lords who gave their services for land were
Children of peasants were born into an economic and social position that...
determined their status as peasants when they grew up
Paleo-Indians who first migrated into North American were
Symbols and images that represent ideas are
climates and landscapes that surround living things are called
the christians who embarked on the crusades were urged to do so by
Pope Urban II
One of the first documents to help protect the rights of free individuals was
Magna Carta
Gradual changes in technology, trade and political powere brought about the
end of Europe's middle ages
A common European name for the lands of Asia was
the Indies
Columbus' 1492 voyage from the Canary Islands across the unknown waters of the Atlantic
ended 33 days after he set sail
Spain's all-water route to Asia that columbus sought in 1492 was discovered
30 years later when Magellan's crew circumnavigated Earth
Henry Hudson was an English captain who sailed under the flas of
England and the Dutch
The European race for a sea route to Asia was won by
The north American area explored in the 1500s by Jacques Cartier was
what is now called Canada
Soon after Da Gama reached southwest India the Portuguese
realized they were dealing with a culture that had traded with Muslim and Italian merchants for hundreds of years
Merchants who invested in a joint-stock company were able to
raise money for new ventures and reduce the indivual risk of starting a business
After Balboa discovered the South Sea and made peace with the American Indians in what is now Panama
Spanish authorities had him executed for treason
The South Sea was renamed the Pacific by
The Cape of Good Hope was named by
Bartolomeu Dias
As a reult of the Treaty of Tordesillas, Brazil
was placed under Portuguese control
MAgellan discovered the passage he sought through South America at
the southern tip of the continent
The rebirth of european interest in the arts and learing of ancient greek and rome is known as
Cabral, whose fleet was blown off course as he followed de Gama's route to India,
accidentally discovered the coast of what is now Brazil
How did the Commerical revolution change the way merchants conducted business?
Merchants became more aggressive about adjusting prices in order to make profits
The Renaissance combined new ideas about art society, science and technology with the rediscovery of
ancient greek and roman works
Commanded the Ming fleet that brought wealth an knowledge of other cultures to China
Zheng He
Remains of objects made by humans
common values and traditions of a society
settlement established by a culture or society
climates and landscapes that surround living things
system of government in which people pledge loyalty to a lord in exchange for protection
study of the unwritten past
religion that strengthened cultural ties across Europe during the Middle Ages
religion that spread by military conquest and along trade networks
groups that share traditions, values and organizing structures
to sail completey around
boundary of Spain's exploration and monopoly rights
Line of Demarcation
money or property that is used to earn money
path around or through north america thta would allow ships to sail from atlantic to the pacific
Northwest passage
small but sturdy ship built to be very maneuverable and fast
change the religious beliefs of a person
allowed navigators to determine thier ship's position by charting the position of the stars
narrow, winding sea passage
sole economic control
royal governor of Spanish lands

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