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good neighbor policy
programs designed to celebrate US ties w/ Latin americans
Belief that one's sex is inherently superior to the other
Dual Demand
Women expected to have full-time job and raise children (same demand never placed on men)
social, cultural roles that are associated with men and women
small, quiet, passive, emotional, nuturing woman
loud, active, non-emotional aggression, leading male
Learn gender roles from:
ISAs such as: family, school, media (culturally reinforced)
language contributions to sexism (3):
mankind, trophy wives, naming expensive items after women.
Early depiction from victorian era:
childlike, innocent, pure, protected, assumed virgin.
victorian era separated women into 2 groups:
virgins and whores
First wave feminism:
Women strove for equal rights (voting).
anti-victorian, young, urban, careered, smoked, danced in public, sex
dark, exotic sexually active woman of other race/ethnicity. seen as predatory monster, took men's money and morals
The development of studio systems force women to:
occupy secretary jobs, script girls, and seamstress jobs on set.
Woman's Film
made by men to attract female audiences. Appealed to women's emotions, reinforced patriarchal culture--taught them how to please men.
Femme fatale/Black Widow
sexually aggressive, dangerous, use men to achieve own objectives, often killed for this.
blond bomb shell
curvaceous and alluring, but not very bright.
homosocial groups
activities of these groups devoted to a single sex (bonding thru competition and agression)
icons who epitomize certain aspects of gender, beauty, sexuality, race. more so offscreen than onscreen.
film noir
focus on men who feel trapped by social/economic situations.
second wave femenism
response to pressure placed on women to have traditional roles after WWII
consequence of sexual liberation born out of birth control for women. defined by female nudity and sex scenes.
hypermasculine film
Rebirth of traditional masculinity. exrambo and die hard.
term used to describe cultures and people whose ancestory can be traced to spain, european rule
cultures that can be traced back to indigenous people (ex. aztecs, mayans, incas) of latin america
oily, dark-skinned, mustached bandit who causes mayhem
latin lover
latinos seen as more sensual and sexual, depicted as hot-blooded and emotional. The greaser was seen as an overtly racialized other, and the latin lover was more of an ethnic type with the possibility of being assimilated into whiteness
spaghetti western
made in italy, not by hollywood. bandito as villian rather than NA
LA's refered to themselves as chicanos to separate themselves from catch-all terms
process by which people are unified into single society
soft power of globalization
ability to influence other nations thru media technologies, conduit for cultural exports, project attractions of American way of life (hard power = military, politics)
Runaway production
film companies relocate production overseas to get cheap labor, tax breaks
a company with multiple times of media. Ex. time warner
cultural explanation
media representations are pivotal to construction of social identity across the globe

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