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American History Chapters 2-3


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House of Burgesses
first elected government body in America
House of Burgesses and Voting requirements
white male land owner
Fundamental Orders (where?)
first written form of government in America (Connecticut River Valley Settlers)
Jamestown founded when? significance?
1607 first successful English settlement in America
first English settlement in America?
first European settlement in America?
St. Augustine
Peter Stuyvesant
founder of New Amsterdam disliked by own people and Native Americans overtaken by English (all of New Netherland)
Sir George Calvert (aka)
Lord Baltimore founded Maryland to create refuge for Roman Catholics
Headright System?
aristocrats paid for colonists to come to America; for each person they recieved 50 acres of land and that person became their indentured servant
who started English colonizing of America?
Queen Elizabeth I
John Rolfe
married Pocahontas and introduced more appealing, tropical tobacco to English
Sir Francis Drake
English "pirate", very popular with Queen Elizabeth
William Penn
Quaker, recieved charter from King becuase the king owed Admiral Penn $
Pennsylvania named for...
Admiral Penn
English saved from Spanish Armada's attack by
the Protestant Wind
New England Colonies
New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut
Middle Colonies
New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware
Southern Colonies
Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia
Tell about founding of Georgia: Who? Why? Why did he recieve the charter? King and him have same reasons? How did it work out?
Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe who wished to established this colony as a refuge for debtors. It was to be a place where people having hard times financially could regroup and get on their feet again. The charter was granted by King George II because he wished it to be a buffer colony between the English and the Spanish and French. These intentions were different than Oglethorpe's and King George stationed a heavy military there. Georgia failed economically becuase it the land was not as fertile as expected. However, it was a huge military success for the English.
New Amsterdan/New Netherland = New York:
Peter Stuyvesant was the governor of New Netherlands. A main settlement of the Dutch in that region was New Amsterdam and it sat at a prime location. The English saw all the good that this location had to offer and wanted to take over the Dutch territory. They send 4 frigates ashore to conquer the Dutch. Because Stuyvesant is unpopular with the Natives, he has no allies and is alone when the English come. His people do not support him either and when he challenges the English, he is backed by no one. The English take this land without a shot being fired and King George II names it for his brother, the Duke of York. A man named Peter Minuit purchases the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans for the equivalent of $24.

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