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WWII quiz


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attempting to preserve peace by yielding to the demands of an aggressor
"lighting war" germans new type of war
nataves who were willing to become traitors and work for their countries enemy
german airforce
"the desert fox" hitlers general who tried to take over ailfields in middle east
The french resistance
lies to get an excuse to invade
Charles De Gaulle
formed free French government in exilin London
electronic tracking device
Church hill
Prime minister of England
armored german tank
term used to destribe the nazi attempt tp destroy jewish race my murdering 6 million of them
atlantic center
british/U.S. document that stated the war aims of the allies
June 6th, 1944. day allies invaded europe
VE- day
may 8, 1945 germans surrender unconditionally, hitler commits sucide
N. Africa British general pushes germans under rommel back to the west
U.S. general attacks Rommel deom East Tunisia, rommel surrenders
hitlers strategy for invading
start nazi party in the territory, use propaganda/lies to get an excuse to invade
the countries he used this strategy on
austria, sudetenland, areas of czechoslovakia
what made england/france realise hitler was a liar?
when hitler takes over the "polish corridor"
what was involved in blitzkrieg warfare
dive bombers, panzer tanks and armored trucks
what happened at dunkirk
allied troops traped at sea with no way out. fishermen and people with boats got troops
difference between Vichy France and the Free French government
vichy govt collaborated with hitler. Free french government was exiled in london
what event made the U.S. decide to enter World WarII
The attack at pearl harbor
Describe life during wartime
the entire population was mobilized for war,rationing of food and gasoline, women took over mens jobs when they left
how the entertainlemt/media industries promoted war
they used propaganda
what happened in the "battle of britain"
hitlers attemps to "soften up" England for invasion in 1940
what hister did to hers in concentration camps
used for slave labor then murdered them
how rommel was defeated
he was attacked from east tunisia and he surrendered
island hopping
allies capture some Japanese held islands while leaving others alone but cut off from japanese supply ships
what happened at yalta
Stalin, Churchill,and Roosevelt met to plan strategy against Japan
what happenedat potsdam
second comference that issued altamadime
operation overlord
the invasion of Europe on june 6th 1944 (D-day)
where was the atomic bomb dropped and what did Japan do?
Hiroshima and Nagasake, Japan surrendered
describe in detail what happened when Hitler foolishly tried to keep invading Russia during winter time essay
Hitler lost over 1 million soldiers. Also the temperature was so cold that lubricating oil froze and jammed guns, it was the first time Hitler had to retreat
Give 2 reasons advisors uned to urge Truman TO drop the bomb and 2 reasons advisors urged trueman NOT to use the bomb
The 2 reasons they urged him to drop the bomb were,it would give japan and honerable excuse to surrender, also there werw 1 millions troops ready to defend the homeland. 2 reasons not to were, they said it was immoral and they said japan could be defeated with more conventional warfare
describe in detail the 2 steps of hitlers "final solution" (including names of camps) and define the word holocost
2 steps of final solutin were put jew in concentration camps like dachau, Buchenwald, treblinka and auschwits. Then part 2 is use as slave labor then murder. Holocost was a term used to describe the Nazi attempt to destroy the jewish race by murdering 6 million of them
operation sealion
the plan to send ships to invade england and take it over

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