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Reading - Grade 5


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a search or pursuit
the surroundings of something
to make less or become smaller in size
1. to knock about
2. a piece of furniture with a flat surface OR a meal laid out on a table so guest can serve themselves.
greater in size, amount, value, importance,or rank
Deciduous Forest
Fallen leaves make rich soil and allows all kinds of plant life to grow.
Coniferous Forest
Soil is NOT rich, there are no leaves that decompose to make the ground rich. This forest has cone-bearing trees such as spruce, hemlock, and fir.
Deciduous and Coniferous Forest
Found in North American , Europe and Asia.
Rain Forest
70 inches of rain each year Found in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, and Pacific Islands.
Convection System
A strategy to fight a wildfire by depriving it of fuel.

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