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Theatre Test 4


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Direct Mail
Theatre's most efficient and cost-effective way of advertising
Where do theatres get their lists for Direct Mail?
People who purchased tickets prior, and mailing lists of other arts organizations
What are some forms of Ads and Announcements
Print ads in newspapers, marquees, billboards, ads on busses/subways, posters, and handbills found on tables at restaurants
What type of theatre-goer does Print Ads usually attract?
The impulse buyer
Calls can legally be made on the behalf of non-profit theatres
What can be done for theatre sales on the Internet?
Buyers can get information on the play and actors, read a synopsis, look at photos of the production, and buy tickets
What are some sites suggested by the book, and what does each offer?
Theatre Direct International- offers news from London, Broadway, and off-Broadway productions
Theatre Central- Gives info on American and International theatre, and hometown news
American Theatre Web- Links for non-profit theatres nationally
Theatremania- Info for Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, on tour, and at Regional theatres
What types of tickets are sold to each production?
Single tickets, student rush tickets, group tickets, and season tickets
What is the difference between a Season ticket and a Single Ticket?
Season tickets provide admission to productions throughout the season in the same seat, and single tickets are for one production in a specific seat
What are advantages of purchasing Season Tickets?
They can be bought at discounted rates at better seats, can be purchased before single tickets go on sale,and usually can be exchanged for any other performance or production
Group tickets have what advantages, and who purchases them?
They can be bought at a discounted rate (usually 20 or more), and are bought by sororities, clubs, and professional organizations
What is a Pass?
It is good for a specified amount of admissions. You won't be certain where you are seated
What are Student Rush Ticket advantages?
They are offered at greatly reduced prices, and available 30 minutes before curtain time. Prices usually $6-8 and you may get good seats
What is PSA?
Public Service Announcements are required by the FCC for stations to put out a certain number of advertisements in service of the public
When can print ads be found in the paper?
Any time of year for single productions
Which is the most recent innovation in advertising?
The internet
How much do productions usually cost?
$100 is the standard price for Broadway plays, back balcony seats are $25. Musicals cost more, and comedys can range from $100-35
When do performances usually begin?
8/7p - Broadway
2p - Matinee
7 Sunday, 7:30p weeknight - four outside NY
5/9p for some theatres
When should you arrive?
20 minutes before curtain time
What is a PlayBill?
Handed by the usher, it will tell you what you should know before the play, what you might want to know after, and some advertisements
What is a Dramaturg?
A literary consultant whose other work includes translating plays, doing research for directors and actors, and reading new plays that are being considered for production
What should you wear to a show?
Dress as you would to eat in a restaurant; not to dressy but not too casual
Where can you pick up your tickets?
If they are being held, you can go to the box office which has a sign saying "reservations" or "will call"
How do you find your seat in a theatre?
A person in the lobby will take your ticket and point you in the right direction
Why do they tear your ticket in half?
It is a way the accounting is made, and is used to calculate how much revenue is made
Where is the title page in the PlayBill?
Toward the middle of the PlayBill
What information is on the title page of the PlayBill?
The name of the play, author, and key creators (director, designers, etc)
How do you know the show is starting?
The lights are dimmed, and the curtain is drawn
What is involved in good theatre etiquette?
Arrive promptly
Don't speak during the performance
Leave children at home
Leave recording devices at home
Turn off electronic devices
Do not eat or drink in theatre
Do not put things on the stage
Do not riffle through the PlayBill
Keep feet of the seats
Remain in seat until the end
What does Front of House refer to?
The theatrical term for everything on the audience's side of the curtain
What are Public Spaces?
All the spaces that accommodate the audience
What does the book mean when it speaks of an Auditorium?
"A place for hearing"; you come to listen; the place where the actual performance takes place
What does the book mean when it speaks of a Theatron?
"A seeing place"; refers to the whole theatre establishment
What is a Support Space?
"Those places below the waterline"
What do Americans and the English call the main floor?
Americans refer to the Orchesta, and English call it the Stalls
What does Continental Seating look like?
The arrangement of uninterrupted rows of seats
Where did Continental Seating originate?
What does American Seating look like?
The arrangement of seating with aisles
What does safety regulations say about Continental Seating?
The seats may be uninterrupted but there must be a space of 3 feet between rows, so people can easily pass by
What does safety regulations say about American Seating?
Rows can be close together, but not one can be seated more than 7 seats in
What is a Box Seat, what is the cost, and why is it desirable?
Seats in a special area partitioned off from the general seating. The seats are more expensive, but people pay the price to be seen.
How are Balcony Seats defined or categorized?
Seating on floors above the orchestra
What are other names for the "Nosebleed section"?
Formal term: Gallery
Slang terms: "Paradise", "The Gods"
What is a Mezzanine today, and how did the term come about?
The term is another name for the balcony seats, and came about through the desire to inflate ticket prices.
What was the old meaning of the word Mezzanine?
A small balcony half-way up, just under the first balcony.
What did a Loge mean, and what does it mean now?
Old French term for a booth of seats in an opera house. Today it refers to the seats at the very front of the first balcony
What is a Dress Circle, and who uses the term?
Describes the front seats in the first balcony. Term is used in England and some American opera houses
What is a Skene?
Name the ancient Greeks used to refer to the freestanding building which the actors used to change into costumes, or wait for their entrance
What architecturedoes a Proscenium Arch Theatre have?
Theatre with all seats facing in the same direction, and an ornate frame sometimes hidden by a curtain
What is an End Stage Theatre?
Variation on the Proscenium Arch Theatre where the stage is at one end of the space
What type of building can an End Stage Theatre be found?
A place not originally build to be a theatre
In theatre speak, what is a Rake?
A stage floor built on an incline toward the audience
What is a relatively new form of architecture for the theatre?
Arena Theatres
What traits do all Arena Theatres have in common?
Proper Aestetic Distance
Minimal use of scenery
What does Aesthetic Distance mean?
The amount of distance the audience needs to have be emotionally involved, but far enough to remain physically apart
Presentational Performances are best suited for a theatre with what type of architecture?
Arena Theatre
What sets a Presentational Performance apart from an Representational Performance?
The actors openly acknowledge the existence of the audience and "present" the play to them
What does the text consider the most celebrated thrust theatre in America?
The Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis
What is the design of a Thrust Theatre, and what affect does it have on the audience?
The stage projects out into the audience, and provides the same emotional impact the Arena Theatre does
What does a Black Box Theatre look like?
A large, empty box of a room with everything painted black
What sets an Environmental Theatre apart from other types?
It is a type of Black Box Theatre where multiple actions happen simultaneously. The performers and audience's spaces are continuously changed
What is a Found Space Theatre?
A space that was not intended to be used as a theatre
What is a Guerilla Theatre?
In the 1960s-1970s it was used to loudly protest the war
What does Agitprop refer to?
Political plays that were popular during the 60s-70s that are no longer common
What does Box Set mean?
It is a room with a wall missing. Has ceiling, three walls, and a floor
What is used to create Realistic Exterior Scenery?
Wood, muslin, styrofoam, or other materials shaped and painted to create a 3d illusion for the audience
How is 2d Painted Scenery made?
It is painted and affixed to a frame
What is a Flat?
A unit used in 2d scenery
What is a Wing?
A Flat which is placed on the side of a Proscenium arch
What is a Drop?
A large painted cloth at the back of the stage in a play with 2d painted scenery
What is a synonym for 2d Scenery?
Wing and Drop Scenery
What is meant when something is refered to as a Unit Set?
A set which is not moved during the performance, and does not represent a recognizable place
How are Projections used?
They create the illusion of a real place by projecting light through translucent screens
How are Wagons used in theatre?
To transport scenery from place to place, usually only a partion of a set
What use do Elevators have in theatre?
The scenery can either be lowered below the stage or lifted above
What are the Flies?
The space in a theatre located above the proscenium arch
What is a Slip Stage?
A portion of stage that can slide off stage. Furniture or actors can be standing on stage when it moves
What advantage does a revolving stage have?
The new scenery comes to view as the old scenery disappears

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