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Education Final


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an english-born educator who during the "Dark Ages" headed the Palace School in Frankland
who was to a great degree responsible for changing the Catholic CHurch's views on education, leading to an acceptance of the study of philosophy and the creation of the medieval universities.
Thomas Aquinas
As ruller of a large part of Europe during the "Dark Ages"___ encouraged education and scholarly activity.
_____ felt that everyone should be able to read and interpret the bible for him or herself.
Martin Luther
African American ____ was able to accurately predict eclipses of the sun and moon.
Benjamin Banneker
_____ was jailed and tried for educating blacks from out of state.
prudence Crandall
As president of Harvard, _____ sparked interest in educational assessment.
James COnant
_____ developed tests that were used in the army as recruits
Alfred Binet
considers the outward behavior of students to be the main target for change
Behavioral Theory
thought of as a learner's acquisition of facts, concepts, and principles through mental activity
cognitive developement
provides access to a similar education for all students regardless of their cultural background or family circumstances
equal educational oppurtunity
considers questions such as "What is reality" "What is existence?"
believe that teachers must set classroom standards for conduct
an education theory that emphasizes that ideas should be tested by experimentation and that learning is rooted in questions devloped by the learner.
an educaitonal theory that contends that humans are innately good -- that they are born free but become enslaved by institutions
the goals of _____ are to transmit cultural heritage and develop good citizens. subject matter includes literature, history, foreign languages, and religion
although it is believed that all people, regardless of their time and place in history, have cared for their young and prepared them for life, the greatest impetus for a more formal type of education was the development:
the beginning of agriculture
Erasmus taught that the education of children should include all of the follwing except:
they should be instructed in an environment where boys and girls were fress to learn the same things in the same ways
as a citizen of prussia during the reign of fredrick the great who wanted to become a teacher it would be necessary for you to:
obtain a license to teach
common religious views, town life, and a large middle class made it possible for the people to agree on common public schools in
northern colonies
the following quotation is from the descriptipon of the school of christopher dock in 1750. " Those who have read their passage of released in order to take up his slate...the last one on the bench is a lazy pupil. This quotation suggests that dock
the traditional religious schools of the day
horrace mann helped to establish common elementary schools designed to provide
a basic elementary education for all children
the american academy in phila, which emphasized practical skills, was founded by which fmaous american
benjamin franklin
how is education treated in the US constitution
it does not guarentee an education
school consolidation has resulted in
an increase in the number of school buses required
the national defense education act that resulted in a massive infusion of ferderal funds to improve science math, engineering, and foreign language programs was passed in response to
the launching of the first artificial satelite by the soviet union
since the 1950s, teacher training may best be characterized as a
professionalization movement
an analysis of the heavy attacks and critisism of education that took place from the late 1940s to the middle 1950s would show that they originated with
those with little practical knowledge of education and learning
when tai kar asks his students to examine the question is the universe rationally designed or untimately meaningless he is expecting them to consider which branch of philosophy?
myra kovach believes that as a teacher she best serves her students by using role models of great heroes to pass on the cultural heritage and unchanging content of education from the past. Myras philosphy is rooted in
Marcia teaches at a middle school near one of the great lakes. she divides her classroom into cooperative groups and asks them to think about the annual migration of monarch butterflies that live near the school in the summertime and in mexico in the win
deductive reasoning
The teacher-centered classroom will include all of the following except
flexible seating arrangements
which of the following is a characteristic of a student centered teaching style
discovery based learning
discipline with dignity provides a method to teach students to take responsibility for
their own behavior
a body of info is a profession that is based upon empirical research, disciplined inquiry, informed theory, and the wisdom of practice in the field is known as
the knowledge base
a special compilation of the products, records, and accomplishments of a teacher and his or her students selected for a specific purpose, such as a job interview
a portfolio
the examination of oneself based on the perception of an examiner who sits beside and provides feedback
an assessment
a scoring guide that decribes composite levels of learning often ranging from novice to expert
a rubric
a statement of learning outcomes for a session, or several weeks of lessons
an objective
a general, long-term aspiration for education
an aim
puts students together who are diverse in their ability to learn and in their interests
heterogenous groups
often appointed by the aft and nea in order to influence elections
political action commitee
an experienced master teacher who helps new teachers adjust to participation in the teaching profession
a mentor
a group's socially transmitted way of life of which includes ways of thinking, believing, feeling, and acting
belief that members of one's own group are superior to members of other groups
principles, standards, or qualities that are considered worthwhile or desirable
which of the following were rated as the most trusted group in the country in a recent poll?
which of the following refers to the degree to which an assessment item measures what it intends to measure
mustafa kasssab knows as he begins his career as a teacher that change is inevitable and that he must be prepared to do all of the following with regard to change except
fear it
it has become apparent that happenings in nations around the world in the 21st century
have instant effects on other nations
a wide variety of innovative approaches to education have been shown to be highly effective and successful by those who have developed the programs. However, many times when a school as tried to apply the same ideas, the result has been a spectacular fai
a lack of teacher preparation and commitment
the 1982 list of the basics of tomorrow complied by the education commision of the states included all of the following except
the ability to recall facts in a timed setting
for the majority of individuals, world-class standards are
rigorous and out of reach
mai-lin notices that some of her students do not obtain the correct answers to the math problems they are working on in a particular unit. In order to determine what specific difficulties are preventing them from solving the problems, main-lin should des
diagnostic assessment
senator foghorn in incensed that a group of students in deer valley high school have performed below the fiftieth percentile on a test administered to all students. He demands that the school be penalized for the results. However, the senator is misguide
the success of the program at a particular school is best determined through
a broad array of assessment data from several sources
one problem of statewide textbook selection procedures in large states is
pressure though groups and politicians can effectively censor specific content
the following question appeared on mc longstreet's world history examination. Compare and contrast the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities in world war 1 and world war 2. This question is at which level of blooms taxonomy?
educational technology experts agree that technology should be
used as a tool for learning
marika's parents want her to learn the characteristics of the culture of their homeland. They are using a process that will result in
compensatory programs are offered at southside elementary school. There are many inaccurate perceptions about school communities where these programs are offered. The most probbale reason for the educational deficiencies of the students in such programs
lack financial resources
what characterization of society places individuals at different levels of the social structure based upon wealth, income, occupation, and education
social stratification
tyrell would like to work in the preparation of media for educational uses. If he plans to be a narrator, he would be wise to develop skills in
standard english
inclusion is most effective when all of the following are part of the plan except
the classroom teacher also acts as a specialist dealing with the exceptionality
in an effort to reduce perceived tensions in her culturally, ethnically, and religiously diverse public school, principal blah blah has banned the wearing of all religious clothing and symbols for the various types of religious students and faculty. peop
schools must be neutral to religion
many people who are successful members of the dominant culture believe that they have achieved their status because
of their individual abilities and hard work
schools generally transmit the norms and values that define expectations for student behavior and attitudes:
throughout the program via the hidden curriculum
in running for office, blah blah made the statement that "each individal in our school system has an equal chance at success if he or she will only be diligent, persistent, and hard-working." This statement shows that blah blah believes in
OJR is investigating which approach to use in teaching academic content to english language learners. since the community supports the idea of multiculturism they do not want to use an assimilationist strategy. Therefore, the most appropriate approach to
two-way immersion

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