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Fenton US History Final Exam Part 2


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50,000 US, British, Canadian troops landed at Normandy
a radio correspondent that gave the scene accounts of war ravaged Europe
Edward Murrow
According to the film, how many died during WWII?
50 million
Approximately how many African Americans served in the Arm Forces?
2.5 million
At the Rape of Nanjing, how many did the Japanese kill?
Japanese forced 70,000 survivors to march thru the jungle and 10,000 died
Bataan Death March
March 9, 1945 Super fortresses killed 80,000 civilians in what Japanese city?
Provided for the first peacetime draft in American history
Selective Training and Services Act
Romanian born American writer who was at Auschwitz and Buchenwald
Weisel (author of Night)
WWII began in Asia when Japanese attacked what country in 1937
French Indochina
Soviet Leader that met with Churchill and Roosevelt at Teheran, Iran giving support for Allied plans
The largest ghetto in Poland was in what city?
name of the plan to deveop the atomic bomb
Manhatten Project
U.S. Battleship sunk with 1103 sailors on it
Name of camp made of 45 smaller campes where Nazi's killed Jews
The palce in New Mexico where the first atomic bomb was tested
The refinement of this technology became an important factor for the Allied plans
atomic bomb ???
To the Japanese, he was like a god
What country had the most casualties during WWII
What percentage of those who died in WWII were civilians?
40% ??
What two diseases broke out within days of the ghettos being set up?
typhoid and ???
What U.S. President ordered work on the atomic bomb
What was the Final Solution
Hitler's plan to murder all Jews of Europe
Was was the name of the gas that killed as many as 6000 people in a single dayZ
Zyklon B
What was the name of the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima?
Enola Gay
Total cost of armaments and other military costs from WWII
When did Germany invade Poland
WHich solution called for the removal of Jews from the economy and to isolate them within Germany?
Who instgated the pogram agist the Jews on Nov. 9, 1938

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