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US History Semester 2


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Korean War
N.Korea invaided S.Korea to reunite; we joined & it poisened our relations with China
New Deal successes
Longterm= social security; helped to restablize economy
Truman's 1948 victory
Experts said he wouldn't win and it proved that americans actually supported his cold war policys
Berlin Wall
symbolized communism and division of Germany separated communist and non-communist berlin
Enter WWII
When japanse bomb pearl harbor
End of Great Depression
WWII, provided jobs and gov't spent more money
1920s Economy
boomed because automobile; new jobs and big industry
JFK's Foreign Policy
wanted to get involved in war (vietnam) and containment
Rachel Carson's Silent Spring
Marine biologist; exposed harmful effects of pesticides & inspired concern for environment
Stokely Carmichael
Leader of SNCC (student group); wanted to use violence
"Rosie the Riveter"
Gave women inspiration to help at home for the war; gave them a new role model
Combo of high inflation & unemployment with no ecnomic growth
Leading 1920s Industry
Camp David Accords
Isreal and Egypt peace talks initiated by US
Johnson's Great Society
Proposals to aid public education, voting rts, conservation projects, medical care, and no more poverty
1930s popluar movies (Wiz. of Oz)
Cheered people up during depression, gave them something to do
1932 Elections
Battle between whether the gov't should help in people problems(FDR) or not(Hoover)
Peace Corps
Fed. program to send volunteers to help developing nations around the world
Lightning warfare; fast air & land attack to take enemy by surprise
"Final Solution"
Hitler's; to kill all the jews in concentration camps
Republicans critisize New Deal
Too much gov't and involvement & too many taxes
Growth of radio & mass media
This was the way to speed communication to large numbers of people, everyone in Amerian was hearing the same thing
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
gov't organization to set/enforce national pollution control standards
African Americans move north in 20s
War was going on so more jobs up there and oportunities
Red Scare
Fear of communism
Alliance of countries to protect eachother in war
March on Washington
"Jobs and Freedom"; Civil Rights protest
Invaided Kuwait
Hussein caused Persian Gulf War
Earl Warren
Supreme ct justice; Led to many civil rights decisions
The Crash
Black Thursday and Tuesday; unequal distribution of $; 1st effected only heavily invested but spread to everyone
Schnek vs. United States
In times of war/crisis 1st amendment doesn't exactly apply to speaking out to gov't
Sandra Day O'Connor
1st Female Supreme Court Justice
Drop of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
New Deal Programs still around
Social Security, TVA
Cause of Great Depression
Too easy to invest, lack of demand, increased consumer debt, speculation (high risk investment)
Manhatten Project
Building of atomic bomb
Truman Doctrine
Called for US to take leadership role in world and US to support communist nations
WWII Foreign Policy
Stay nuetral
Cesar Chavez
Organized Union Farm Workers (UFW); help migratory farm workers gain better pay & working conditions
Scopes Trial
debated whether evolution could be taught in school; Scopes lost, evolution couldn't be taught; 1st trial broadcast over radio
Sacco and Vanzetti
Arrested b/c nationality and executed unfairly
Italy, Germany, and Japan
totalitarianism states (axis powers)
"Dust Bowl" in 30s
Soil blew out of central and souther great plains; b/c severe drought & bad farming practices
Marshall Plan
Called for western europe nations to have economic recovery & US would help
Embargo on oil to US from Middle East; price of gas went up & inflation rose
Cuban Missle Crisis
US and USSR on brink of nuclear war
Showed that Soviets were ahead in Cold War; scared americans
New Deal
FDR's, relief, recovery, and reform, try to stop GD; worked to some extent
"Buying on Margin"
Investors could purchase stock for a fraction of price & would pay back; when it crashed no one could pay back
Eleanor Roosevelt
Active in politics and New Deal; traveled b/c husband couldn't; against Jim Crow laws, unconventional
Cold War
War of words between communism and capatilism
Churchill Inspired...
British to resist German invasion
Perestroika & Glasnost
Democracy & capatilism helped downfall of communism
Young americans in 60s who rejected conventional customs & mainstream culture
"Forgotten Man"
Average person who lost their job in the depression
Evacuation of Japanese Americans
Invasion of Normandy (Western Europe) by Allies (U.S. too); Shelling of coast
Republican Presidents in 20s
Favored buisness and saught social stability
Malcom X
Encouraged violence and wanted separate black communites
Rebellious women who went against the norm of fashion, symbolized revolution

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