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Political Renaissance


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Maximillian I
he tried to strengthen his position but opposition of princes and reichstag turned him down, greatness came thru marriages of children
Pope Pius II
isued papl bull called Excrabilis that stated that church councils were heretical
Henry VII
ended private wars (livery and maintenance) and established court of star chambers, nicknamed burgherking cuz hewas able to work with merchants
Charles the Bold of Burgandy
ruled burgandy, swiss army kiled him because they were paid to by louis XI
no power cuz of being ruled by holy roman empire and failed husite wars
centralization in europe
nearly impossible because of theater of war and no defensive borders
Ottoman Empire
ended Byzantine Empire by capturing city of Constanople, came into conflict with charles V
ivan III
Russian Czar rid russia from foreign rule
influenced by john wycliffe, disgust against clerical corruption, called for religious writers to use the vernacular
isabel of castile
ruled castile and married ferdinand of aragon
Lebrium Veto
any one lord could stop any legislation, in Poland
Pope Alexander VI
Borgia family, got son named cesare to carve him an italian state
Charles V
successor of maximillian I, married ferdinand and isabel's daughter, ruled half of europe and the americas
Pope Julius II
warrior - pope, involved in war and politics instead of spiritual life
poland's national diet
John Hus
elimination of worldliness and corruption of the clergy, came to end wen council of constance got him burned at the stake
Pope Sixtus IV
nepotism to put his relatives, 6 year old son a cardinal, into positions of the clergy
high in prestige, go and invade italy and get there butts kiked
holy roman empire
never developed strong monarchial authority even though habsburg family had established a dynasty
louis XI
spider king, manipulated estates general and got taille
Ren papacy
more involved in secularism which illistarted reformation
french was prostrate
negative result for france of 100 years war
dominated russia until 1480
Ferdinand of Aragon
ruled aragon and married isabel of castile
attempt to convert jew and muslims to catholicism and most of them were expelled or killed which destroyed all of spains merchants because those two classes were the merchants of spain
holy roman empire imperial diet
Richard III
king of york dies at battle of bosworth field and loses the war
the conquest of the muslim state of granada
war of the roses
house of Lancaster versus house of york and lancaster wins, civil war, as result tudor dynasty developed

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