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Psych 3101 Midterm 2


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Phenomenology (def.)
The study of the conscious experience.
Introspection (def.)
The task of observing ones own mental processes.
Existentialism (def.)
The approach to philosophy that focuses on conscious experience, free will, the meaning of life, and other basic questions of existence.
Existentialism (origin)
Europe, Mid-1800s; Reaction to European rationalism, science and the industrial revolution
Umwelt (def.)
The biological experience - the sensations a person feels of being a live animal
Mitwelt (def.)
The social experience - feelings and throughts about others and oneself in relation to them.
Eigenwelt (def.)
The psychological experience - the result of introspection
Effects of Umwelt
Pain, heat, cold, etc.
Effects of Mitwelt
Emotions and thoughts about other people and the emotions and thoughts that you receive from them
Effects of Eigenwelt
The experience of introspection
Thrown-ness (def.)
The era, location, and situation into which a person happens to be born.
Angst (def.)
The unpleasant feelings you can get from the contemplation of your self-worth.
What should you do about angst and all of the other unpleasant-sounding experiences?
Accoring to existentialists, you must face the facts of your own mortality, and to seek meaning for your existence nonetheless.
Authentic existence (def.)
Living with an awareness of the dilemmas concerning the meaning of life, mortality and free will.
Phenomenal field (def.)
The entire panorama of conscious experience.
All people have a basic need to "actualize" - maintain and enhance - life.
Unconditional Positive Regard (def.)
People always believe that you are able, even if you do not believe so.
What is the goal of Rogerian psychotherapy?
To become a fully functioning person
How is the goal of Rogerian therapy achieved?
Unconditional positive regard from the therapist to the client.
What did Rogers believe was part of the therapists job?
1. To help the client perceive his or her own thoughts and feelings without trying to change them in any way.
2. To make the client feel appreciated no matter what he thinks, says or does.
Sociality Corollary (def.)
If you wish to understand another person, you must understand his personal construct system or view of the world.
Constrictive alternativism (def.)
Your personal reality does not simply exist; it is constructed in your mind.
Flow (def.)
The subjective experience a person has during an autotelic activity.
Defining attribute of flow
It is a focused and ordered state of consciousness that arises when your activity entails a balanced ratio of skills to challenges.
Csikszentmihalyi's secret for enhancing the quality of life
Spend as much time in flow as possible.
Disadvantage to flow
Somebody experiencing it can be difficult to interact with.
Most severe kind of existentialism?
Vegetativeness - person feels that nothing has meaning and becomes listless and aimless
Most common kind of existentialism?
Nihilism - person's experience becomes dominated by anger, disgust, and cynicism.
Hardiness (def).
A lifestyle that embraces rather than avoids potential sources of stress.
Positive Psychology (def.)
Refocuses attention on phenomena such as "positive subjective experience, positive individual traits and postive instiutions.

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