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Middle East Test


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a government ruled by religious leaders according to religious law
Who is Kemal Ataturk?
founder of Turkey
one person (not a hereditary monarch) has total control
What is Wahhabism?
A religious movement which dates from the 1740's and is motivated by monotheism
Why was the kerosene lamp such a major innovation?
It brought light to the night
What kind of government does Iraq have?
Was a dictatorship, but for the last 2 years has been a republic democracy
What country is the biggest consumer of oil?
How is Qatar and Dubai different from their neighbor Saudi Arabia?
They try to appear rich; Dubai is like the Las Vegas of the US
Why is Turkey often called a 'crossroads' between Asia and Europe?
Part of it is in Europe, and the other part is in Asia.
Who was the dictator of Iraq from 1976 to 2003?
Saddam Hussein
Constitutional Monarchy
when a king/queen has his/her power balanced by an elected body
Who is Osama bin Laden?
From the famous Saud family. He is the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist group
What kind of government does Syria have?
They say that they are a republic, but they are really a dictatorship
Absolute Monarchy
when a king/queen has absolute control
Who was the American president during the 444 day hostage crisis?
President Carter
When was Israel created?
What is Al Jazeera?
The largest and most controversial Arabic News Channel
Who was the owner of Standard Oil?
John D. Rockefeller
How many people live in Israel?
6.5 million people
Why has the US had such difficulty turning Iraq into a peaceful democracy?
Law and Order broke down, the Kurds want their own country, Iraq has neighborhoods that can't get electricity, Sunni army is disbanded, Al Qaeda is helping the Sunnis and Iran is helping the Shi'ites, and the Shi'ite government with Sunni and Kurd help is unpopular and corrupt
Why is the world concerned about Iran's nuclear energy program?
They refuse to allow inspections of their nuclear program
What kind of government does Israel have?
Parliamentary democracy
What language is spoken in Saudi Arabia?
How are Turks different from other people of the Middle East?
They are Muslims, but not Arabs. They are Turks, and they speak Turkish
What country is the biggest supplier of oil?
Saudi Arabia
What kind of government does Saudi Arabia have?
Absolute Monarchy
What kind of government does Turkey have?
Democratic Republic
What is the House of Saud?
The royal family of Saudi Arabia. They hold all the power and wealth
What is Rub al-Khali?
A large desert in Iran
Why are native-born Israelis called Sabras?
It is a fruit similar to a prickly pear. Israel compares their native-born people to this fruit because, just like the fruit, they are spiky on the outside and sweet on the inside
What are the three major groups of people in Iraq?
Kurds, Sunnis, and Shi'ites
Where does petroleum come from?
Hydrocarbons that occur naturally beneath the earth's surface; animal and plant remains that are baked millions of years slowly turn into oil
How is Israel different from its neighbors?
it's a parliamentary democracy surrounded by Arab dictatorships
How many gallons are in a barrel of oil?
42 gallons
What is the geography of Iran?
Mostly deserts, with Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf bordering.
Republic Democracy
a republic is a representative democracy; the people FREELY choose leaders who will represent their views in government when these leaders make decisions
What language is spoken in Iran?
Persian (Farsi)
What reasons did President Bush give fro invading Iraq?
They attacked us in 2001, iraq wanted WMP, all the terrorist groups were hiding there, and they were cruel to other countries around them
What do experts worry will happen if the US withdraws from Iraq?
Ethnic cleansing on a massive scale, collapse of Iraqi government, creation of an Al Qaeda safe-zone in the Sunni triangle, rush by Saudi Arabia, Iran, & Turkey to aid their sides in Civil War, Middle East nuclear arms race, and Iraq dividing into three countries
What kind of government does Iran have?
What is the great advantage to being located next to the Persian Gulf?
The Persian Gulf has lots of oil, so being right next to it makes Saudi Arabia have the largest oil reserves in the world

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