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U.S. History Spring Semester Exam


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Macarthur's famous quote
"I shall return"
Bobby Jones
won "Grand Slam" in golf
3 new weapons of WWI
machine guns, tanks, and airplanes
example of K.K.K.'s power
controlled Indiana Legislature
Earl Warren
Chief Justice of S.C. in 1953
2 things Henry Ford did to produce Model T's
1. $5.00 wages 2. moving assembly line
Abe Saperstein
founded Harlem Globe Trotters
Edward R. Murrow
CBS news correspondent who covered "Battle of Britain"
British Palestine
area where Israel was created out of
Johnny Weismuller
Olympic swimmer who became Tarzan
Bill Tilden
Tennis great
Atlantic Charter
F.D.R. and Churchill agree to a lasting friendship and cooperation
Second Battle of the Marne
turning point in WWI
Babe Ruth
hit 60 homeruns in 1927
Bear market
stock prices decline
German race
Grapes of Wrath
Steinbeck's novel about Dust Bowl
date U.S. entered WWII
Dec. 7, 1941
"Brain Trust"
experts who helped the gov't created organizations and programs
basic principle of totalitarian state
individual exists for state
United Fruit Company
U.S. company that had big inflluence on C. America and Caribbean
Nikita Khrushchev
replaced Stalin as S.U. leader
Stepin Fetch
created negative stereotype for Af. Amer.
2 radio shows from G.D.
"The Shadow" and "The Lone Ranger"
Admiral Chester Nimite
U.S. navy commander
Eliot Ness
federal agent who went after Chicago gangsters
Political party that opposed WWI
Socialist Party- Eugene Debs
slogan of Warren G. Harding
"a return to normalcy"
phrase to justify Mussolini
"the train runs on time"
2 things negotiated at peace talks of WWI
1. Germany blamed for war 2. Germany pay 56+ billion $ for war
organization that defended Sacco and Vanzetti
hitler's political party
Maginot Line
French fortified defenses on German border
Haile Selassie
the leader of Ethiopa
2 Key Battles of WWI
Somme and Verdun
Biggest break at Pearl Harbor
no aircraft carriers were sunk
Trench warfare
stretched from Switzerland to North Sea and formed "Western Front" where both sides faced each other
Bernard Montgomery
most famous British general
Georgia O'Keefe
painter of Western scenes
Truman Doctrine
gave foreign aid to countries that threatened to become communist
African American vote in 1930s
shift from Rep. to Dem. b/c of F.D.R.'s programs
Marshall Plan
SOS G. marshall proposed foreign aid to Europe to rebuild economy
Al Capone
gangster in Chicago
2 major causes of Great Depression
1.overproduction in declining market trade problems and high tariffs
1915 event that almost got U.S. into war
sinking of British liner Lusitania by Germans
protection for Western Europe in case of communist attack
April 12, 1945
F.D.R. died
2 provisions of Wilson's plan for peace
1. no secret treaties or alliances 2. create League of Nations
first man-made object to orbit Earth. initiated "space race"
"wolf packs"
groups of german U-boats
Sussex Pledge
Germany promised not to sink merchant ships w/o warning
M.A.D. principle
if we were under attack by S.U. then we would fire all of our missiles and both sides would be destroyed
2 Writes during G.D.
John Dos Passos and Thorton Wilder
William Faulkner
wrote The Sound of Fury
Marcus Garvey
founded Universal Negro Improvement Asssociation
21st amendment
only amendment to repeal another amendment
"march on rome"
Mussolini came to power
USS Missouri
place where Japanese surrendered
Churchill comment on Italy
"soft underbelly of Europe"
2 people with "Harlem Renaissance"
Langston Hughes and James Weldon Johnson
2 ways automobiles contributed to economic boom
1. created new industries 2. increased tourism
nickname of American soldiers
Frank Lloyd Wright
1933 "Bank Holiday"
banks closed to give congress time to pass legislation to restore confidence
Erwin Rommel
German general
Huey's Long "Share the Wealth" plan
Every family receives $2500 a year from money confiscated from wealthy
Reason fo steelworkers strike in 1916
wanted the right to form and join unions
Jack Dempsey
Notre Dame football coach
Alger Hiss
accused and convicted of giving State Department papers to Soviets
Nazis destroy Jewish synagogues and buisnesses
Daisy Bates
mentored the 9 Black students attempting to attend Central
National Recovery Administration
Tried to prevent buisness failures by creating codes of fair competition
Charles Lindhberg
led isolationist "America First" movement
main charge in War Crimes trials
"crimes against humanity"
Battle of Midway
turning point in Pacific
"Cold War"
ideologic struggle between capitalistic democracy and communism that lasted 40 years
Nuremburg, Germany
headquarter of the Nazis
Agriculture Adjustment Act
paid farmers to reduce acreage
"Divine Wind"
Japanese suicide pilots
Phillip Randolph
Af. Amer. who threatened to march in Wash. D.C. for unfair labor treatment. F.D.R. banned discrimination in war factories.
status of labor unions during G.D.
they were legalized and became very powerful
Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919
killed more people than WWI
Frances Perkins
first female cabinet member
"Policy of Containment"
build up military and contain communism
G.I. Bill of Rights
privledges offered to retired soldiers 1. money for books and college tuition 2. low cost home loans
P. Eisenhower bills
1. include more workers under Social Security 2. raised minimum wage
What happened to Wilson during tour?
He suffered a massive stroke
public sector
gov't- not equipped to help
"hoover blankets"
newspapers to sleep under
"Good Neighbor" policy
cancelled Platt amendment and stopped most military incursions
2 ways immigration was a threat
1. stole jobs 2. spoke, dressed, and worshipped differently
Mary Pickford
"America's Sweetheart"
Joe McCarthy
senator who initiated hearings of accused communists. resulted in ant-communist hysteria
famous picture of WWII
soldiers raising flag on Mt. Suribachi
Douglas Macarthur
U.S. commander of Phillipines
Babe Didrikson
golfer and track star
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
couple who was accused of giving atomic bomb secrets to Soviets and were executed for treason
"New Deal"
alphabet soup of gov't programs
Germans mechanize units with air support
Civilian Consveration Corps
hire young men to work on gov't projects
Saint Mihiel
battle that Americans played a significant role
Britain's "Balance of Power" foreign policy
they would oppose strongest nation in Europe at the time
Maurice "Footsie" Britt
second most decorated soldier of the war
"Little Red Book"
collection of sayings from Mao Zedong
U.S. soldiers were captured and forced to march 80 miles to prison camp
2 things about coming of radio
1. created advertising industry 2. started many beginnings of t.v. shows
President Wilson's 1916 campaign slogan
"He Kept Us Out of War"
George Gipp
Notre Dame football player
Volstead Act
created enforcement and punishment for 18th amendment
Elvis Pressly
first major "crossover" performer
2 problems of President Hoover
1. encouraged voluntary help from privat sect. 2. believed gov't shouldn't be under pressure during hard times
Royal Air Force- saved Britiain from German Luftwaffe
Ernie Pyle
killed in Pacific
3 criticsims of New Deal
1.gave too much power to gov't 2. buisness leaders called it socialism 3. S.C. ruled parts of it unconstitutional
W. Churchill quote
"Blood, tears, toil, and sweat"
Harold Lloyd
death-defying comedian
John L. Lewis
United Mine Worker who clashed with Truman
Hitler's book and concept
Meinkampf- WWI defeat blamed on communist and Jews
How did Wilson convince Americans about treaty?
He went on a national speaking tour
Margaret Bourke-White
USS Arizona
most famous ship sunk at Pearl Harbor
first suburb after WWII
2 people associated with peace movement
Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford
Bill Mauldin
political cartoonist
deficit spending
spending more than you take in to get economy moving
Chamberlain's quote
"We will have Peace in our time"
unusual thing about 1920 election
women could vote
Coolidge quote about buisness
"the buisness of America is buisness"
"police action"
official term for fighting in Korea by Truman
Lewd-Lease Act
helped britain before U.S. entered war
withholding taxes
gov't withheld taxes from paychecks to use money for war
Kellogg-Briand pact
outlawed war
Head of Food Adminstration and his phrases
Herbert Hoover- "Meatless Mondays" and "Wheatless Wednesdays"
First Battle of the Marne
ended with both armies facing each other on Western front
payment for damages
"buying on margin"
people buy stocks with loans from bank
private sector
non-gov't- created soup kitchens and bread lines
people who sold alchol
"Zoot Suit" Riots
riots against mexicans in L.A.
Washington Disarmament Conference
agreed to take a 10 year "holiday" from building battleships
date of armistice signed
11:00, 11th day, 11th month
Walter Cronkite
flew missions over Germany
Tennessee Valley Authority
build river dam on T. river to create electricity
Rudolph Valentino
2 groups that benefited from WWI
farmers and laborers
Yalta Conference
U.S. wanted the S.U. to declare war on Japan
Wilson's peace plan
the 14 points
Quote at grave of French General
"Lafayette, We are here"
George Patton
took command of forces in North Africa
"beat generation"
non-conformist term coined by Jack Kerouac
Social Security
percentage of money is taken out of worker's paycheck and saved until they retire
"Dust Bowl"
drought in 1930's that blew away top soil
Warsaw Pact
eastern bloc nations' response to N.A.T.O
Versaille Palace
where peace talks were held in WWI
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Supreme Commander of Allies in Europe
"nationalize an industry"
the gov't siezes private company
Isadora Duncan
associated with free-form dance
date of beginning of WWII
Sep. 1, 1939
Andrew Mellon
Secretary of Treasury under Coolidge
D. MacArthur landed behind enemy lines
18th amendment- banned use and sale of alchol
F. Scot Fitzgerald
wrote The Great Gatsby
Catcher in the Rye
Salinger's book about teenage angst
"fireside chats"
weekly radio addresses by F.D.R.
Hoover's opponet in 1928 election
Al Smith, catholic
Appeasement Policy
let hilter have his way to avoid war
Teapot Dome Scandal
Sec. of Interior transferred oil shares from Elk city and Teapot Dome, Wyoming from Fed. reserve to treasury. Accepted bribes from 2 oil companies to lease oil.
Red Grange
U. of Illinois football player
bull market
stock prices rise
Spark that set off WWI
the assasination of Archdue Ferdinand, the heir to the Austria-Hungary empire
famous Picasso painting
When did U.S. approve WWI treaty?
We never did
Battle of Stalingrad
turning point in war between Germany and Russia in WWII
John Pershun
headed A.E.F.
Arthur Vandenberg
head of U.S. delegation
"Rosie the Riveter"
generic term for women working in defense plants
Henry Cabot Lodge
led the opposition of WWI treaty in Senate
"Hundred Days"
Roosevelt called Congress into special session
2 performers during Jazz Age
Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith
2 things under Sedition Act of 1918
1. could not refuse draft 2. could not speak out against war
Charlie Chaplin
"Little Tramp" persona
Eva Braun
Hitler's suicide partner
"troubled youth" genre
James Dean- "Rebel w/o a Cause"
Mary Mcleod Bethune
appointed head of Minority Affairs
Taft Hartley Act
1. outlawed "closed shops and required union leaders to sign loyalty oath 2. required 80 day cooling off period before strike
2 painters during G.D.
Grandma Moses and Grant Wood
Ernest Hemingway
wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls
2 members of "Big Four"
Lloyd George and Vitorio Orlando
women who smoke and drank and didn't care about social convention
Democratic theme song at 1932 convention
"Happy Days are Here Again"
"Iron Curtain"
seperation between Western Europe and communist Eastern Europe
2 singers from G.D.
Benny Goodman and Count Basie
Paul von Hindenberg
chancellor of Germany
Jesse Owens
won Olympic Gold Medal
Reason for Selective Service Act
not enough men to fight a modern war
2 main causes why U.S. entered WWI
1. Germany broke Sussex Pledge 2. Zimmerman Note- Germany sent coded message to Mexico asking to enter war against U.S. and get U.S. territory in return
famous F.D.R. quote
"A date what will live in infamy"
Reason for Germany and S.U. non-aggression pact
wanted to make sure S.U. wouldn't attack when they invaded Poland
Albert Einstein
most famous Jew to flee from Germany
people who made alchol
"Red Scare"
fear of immigrants, communists, anarchists- destroyed "American" way of life

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