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PSS 10: Hort 3


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What are some horticulture herbs?
When and how was tea made?
-2737 BC by an emperor when some tea leaves blew into a pot of hot water
When did tea become popular throughout Europe and the American colonies?
What was the Boston Tea Party for?
-Protesting the British Tea Tax: led to the revolutionary war
When and where was Iced tea created?
-1904 at the worlds fair in St. Louis
When and who invented the tea bag?
-In 1908 Thomas Sullivan of NY developed the concept of tea in a bag
How is Green tea made?
-steaming fresh-picked leaves before heat drying
How is Black tea made?
-ferment picked leaves before firing
How is Oolong tea made?
-partially ferment picked leaves before firing
Where is the only tea plantation in the US?
-The Charleston Tea Plantation
-6617 Maybank Highway
-Wadmalaw Island, S.C, 29487
When does damage occur to tropical plants?
-chilling injuries occur between 33 and 60 degrees
-over 60 degrees all the time
What temperatures can subtropical plants stand?
-some freezing temperatures, but not long periods of cold
What are the daytime highs for cool season temperate plants?
How about warm season?
-between 60 and 65 degrees
-between 65 and 80
What is fruit botanically known as? How about horticulturally?
-an enlarged ovary
-plant part consumed as a desert or a snack with little preparation
What are vegetables botanically and horticulturally known as?
-No botanical name
-Horticulturally: a plant part that may be cooked and consumed without refinement and served with the main meal (or as main meal)
What types of vegetables are botanical fruits?
What types of vegetables are NOT botanical fruits?
What are annuals?
-Produce vegetative growth, fruit, flowers, and seeds all in one season then dies (many are actually perennials in their native habitat)
Describe Biennials
-Produce vegetative growth during their first season
-Overwinter as a storage root/tuber
-Flowers and seeds in second season before dying
-carrots, beans, turnips, holleyhocks, foxglove
How do you define a perennial?
-survives 3 or more seasons
-includes herbaceous and woody plants

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