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Anything but Chardonnay


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Sauvignon Blanc. Bibrant acidity is followed by tangy grafefruit and lemon notes. The body will roudn this wine out, medium finish with fresh herbs. GLASS OR BOTTLE
Sauvignon Blanc. Really good stuff. Clean, crisp and dry. BOTTLE
Ecco Domani
PINOT GRIGIO. ***SWEETEST*** WINE. Displays crisp, sublte flavors with an excellent balance and a snappy finish. Floral, with delicate aromas of fig and honeysuckle fruit. GLASS OR BOTTLE
PINOT GRIGIO. Light, fruit, smooth flavors of rip apples and pears. BOTTLE
Sutter Home
***HOUSE*** WHITE ZINFANDEL. Semi-sweet, pale pink wine. A favorite for the inexperienced drinker and the more mature female drinker. GLASS OR BOTTLE
WHITE MERLOT. Bright, cherry and mint, medium dry with a lingering finish. Good with SUSHI, SPICY FOODS, FIRST COURSES. GLASS OR BOTTLE
Rosemont Estate
TRAMINER RIESLING. Spicy and lightly sweet, this easy drinking wine boasts honeydew, melon and green apple characteristics. Very light. BOTTLE
Kenwood (split)
SPARKLING. *champagnes smallest portion when split* This california wineery is well known throughout the world, due to its quality and its association with its sister winery in Europe, Moet Chandon (mo-a-chan-don). SPLIT-$7.95 or bottle $35.00
"J" 1994
SPARKLING. From the Jordan Family. Lush tropical fruit flavors, hints of honey, roasted nuts and citrus flavors. Excellent price value. BOTTLE
Moet White Star
SPARKLING. Crisp, citrus fruit, yeasty smooth. BOTTLE
French champagne at its best. Aged 6 years in a barrel. Rich, okay but perfectly balanced. Special occasion. BOTTLE

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