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Colonial Maryland: New Arrivals from Europe, 1620-1632


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1. The 2 names of the person who began the colony of Maryland
1. George Calvert
Lord Baltimore
2. Charles I
2. The King of England who granted Cecil Calvert the charter for the colony of Maryland
3. Cecil Calvert
3. George Calvert's oldest son, who became Lord Baltimore II
4. Leonard Calvert
4. The first governor of the Maryland colony
5. William Claiborne
5. Claiborne was from Virginia and began a settlement on Kent Island, which was inside the Maryland boundaries.
6. How Maryland got its name
6. Maryland was named after the wife of King Charles I, Queen Henrietta Maria--Mar's Land.
7. charter
7. a set of laws
8. wealthy gentlemen investors
8. Wealthy Catholics or younger sons in rich families who provided money for people to settle in Maryland
9. indentured servants
9. poor people who signed contracts with wealthy men to work for them for little or no pay for a set number of years in exchange for free passage to Maryland
10. the 2 ships that set sail from England to Maryland in 1633
10. Ark and Dove
11. the island where William Browne's ship stopped to take on fresh water and fruit
11. Barbados
12. where the Ark finally dropped anchor
12. the island of St. Clement's
13. how Lord Baltimore was like the king of a country
13. (1)had the right to rule the colony as long as his laws did not go against the king's laws, (2)could set up courts,(3)could collect taxes from the colonists,(4)could sell or rent land,(5)could make peace or war
14. the new idea put into action for the 1st time in the Maryland colony
14. (1)Church and Stata would be separate. (2)People did not have to pay taxes to the Church. (3)Maryland could attend any church. (4)Maryland's charter did not name an official charter.

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