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Europen Settlement of the New World


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military expiditions to win control of Palestine, or the Holy Land
instrument used to measure latitude
instrument used by sailors to learn their direction at sea
Marco Polo
-personal friend to the ruler of China
-wrote book about travels
-book increased curiosity about the Far East
Bartholomeu Dias
1st European to round Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Africa
"glory, God, and gold"
three goals of Spanish expansion
fame and wealth
spread Christianity
Samuel de Champlain
"father of New France"
French explorer
Founded Quebec
two groups of traders and where they took their goods
-Muslim and Chinese traders
-Towards Europe
-to and throughout Europe
3 goals of Prince Henry the Navigator
-spread Christianity through Africa
-a share in the African slave trade
-commerce w/ the Orient
Line of Demarcation
-who issued it
-what did it do
-the pope
-end disputes between Spain and Portugal when they claimed the same lands
-Spain west of line
-Portugal east of line
circumnavigate the globe
Four main social classes in Spanish America
-European-born Spaniards
-creoles - born in Amerca to Spanish settlers
-mestizoes - mixed Spanish and Indian
positive agrigultural contributions to the New World
-horses -sugarcane
-cattle -oranges
-donkeys -lemons
-pigs -olives
negative effects
-introduction to new diseases
-when forced to learn Spanish ways the natives forgot much of their own culture
-americas lost valuable resources when removed to enrich Spain

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