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TAKS Social Studies


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judicial review
The issue that strengthened federal authority in cases of constitiutional rights.
subsistence farming
The type of farming that produces only enough to meet personal needs.
Who wrote the Scarlet Letter?
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Name an early English document that emphasized individual rights over those of the king?
The Bill of Rights
Name an early colonist who is associated with the fight for religious freedom.
William Penn
Who authored the pamphlet called Common Sense?
Thomas Paine
Who invented bifocals?
Ben Franklin
Name the first permanent English settlement.
Who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin?
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Name the location of the battle that ended the American Revolution.
The Battle of Yorktown
Unalienable or inalienable rights
Fundamental freedoms granted to the people naturally.
Name the President who warned the United States to "steer clear of permanent alliances".
George Washington
What did "the shot heard around the world" signify?
The beginning of the Revolutionary War at Lexington & Concord.
Plantation System
A very large farm program that required many workers.
Name the Patriot who said, "Give me liberty, or give me death".
Patrick Henry
Treaty of Ghent
Offically ended the War of 1812
Monroe Doctrine
Europe would not interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.
Indian Removal Act
Native Americans were forced to move West of the Mississippi.
Seneca Falls Convention
Declared women's rights.
Mexican Cession
Mexico sold all of California and New Mexico to the United States. This area includes present day California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.
Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
This law demanded all citizens to help catch runaway slaves.
Treaty of Paris
Officially ended the American Revolution.
Proclamation of 1763
Colonists were forbidden by England to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Sugar Act
Imposed a tax on molasses. One of the acts that led to the American Revolution.
Stamp Act
Imposed a tax on legal documents, newspapers, licenses, diplomas, dice, and playing cards. This act was one event which led to the American Revolution.
A compromise
An agreement where each side agrees to give up some of its demands.
Townshend Acts
Imposed taxs on goods such as glass, paper, silk, lead, and tea. One of the acts that led to the American Revolution.
Tea Act
Lead to the Boston Tea Party
Intolerable Acts
Britain punishes colonists severely for the Boston Tea Party.
Olive Branch Petition
Colonists declare loyalty to King George III, but asked him to cancel the Intolerable Acts.
Articles of Confederation
The first American Constitution; It gave the States too much power.
Land Ordinance of 1785
This treaty officially ended the American Revolution.
Great Compromise
A compromise between Virginia Plan (that favored large states) & the New Jersey Plan (that favored small states).
The plan set up a 2-house legislature.
Boston Massacre
First civilians killed by the British soldiers.
Constitutional Convention
Meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation resulting in a new form of Government (constitutional); Great Compromise.
Industrial Revolution
Beginning of mass production, interchangeable parts, lower cost of goods, factory system, urbanization, and deplorable work conditions.
The location of the first battle of the American Revolution.
Louisiana Purchase
Doubled size of the United States. The United States bought this area from France for 15 million dollars.
How do you dress for a Tea Party?
Like an Indian.
The dates of the American Revolution.
Who wrote Poor Richard's Almanac?
Ben Franklin
Quartering Act
Allowed British soldiers to stay in colonists' homes.
Which famous American is noted for his great contribution to the American Revolutionary effort with his literary talent?
1. George Washington
2. Benedict Arnold
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. Samuel Adams
What brief skirmish marked the first military clash in the American Revolution?
1. Battle of Bunker Hill
2. Battle of Saratoga
3. Battle of Yorktown
4. Battle of Lexington
One of the main causes of the American Revolution was the colonies' dissatisfaction with taxes imposed by the British government. Which of the following did NOT impose a tax on the American colonies?
1. The Stamp Act
2. The Townshend Act
3. Treaty of Paris
4. The Tea Act
What role did William Penn play in the development of self-government in colonial America?
1. He founded the Quaker state of Pennsylvania.
2. He wrote the first draft of the Articles of Confederation.
3. He painted a widely distributed depiction of the Boston massacre.
4. He convinced the French to support American self-government.
At what location did British General Cornwallis's surrender to American forces lead to the end of the American Revolutionary War?
1. Concord, Massachusetts
2. Boston, Massachusetts
3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4. Yorktown, Virginia
Which of the following famous American writers published a pamphlet, Common Sense, that led many to conclude that an American Revolution was imminent?
1. Benjamin Franklin
2. Thomas Paine
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. Ernest Hemingway
The original 13 states changed the original draft of the Articles of Confederation (which had been written by the Second Continental Congress) before sending them out to the states to be ratified. What was the focus of these changes made by the states?
1. increasing the power of the central government
2. reducing taxes paid by the states
3. reducing the power of the central government
4. giving small states more representation in Congress
Who was a French aristocrat who fought with the American colonists against the British in the American Revolution?
1. Charles de Gaulle
2. Marquis de Lafayette
3. Napoleon Bonaparte
4. Fran├žois Mitterrand
Which founding father held the role of lead military general during the American Revolutionary War?
1. Ben Franklin
2. Paul Revere
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. George Washington
Which signer of the Declaration of Independence was the leader of the Boston Tea Party?
1. John Hancock
2. Samuel Adams
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. Ben Franklin
What battle is regarded as the first major military engagement of the American Revolution?
1. Battle of Bunker Hill
2. Battle of Little Bighorn
3. Battle of Yorktown
4. Battle of Concord
The signing of what document ended the American Revolutionary War?
1. U.S. Constitution
2. Treaty of Paris
3. Treaty of Versailles
4. Declaration of Independence
What prominent issue in the American Colonies symbolized the core of their dispute with British rule?
1. manifest destiny
2. lack of governmental services
3. forced enlistment in the army
4. taxation without representation
Which British monarch presided over the loss of Britain's American colonies when the colonies won independence after the Revolutionary War?
1. King James III
2. Queen Elizabeth II
3. King Louis the VIII
4. King George III
Which great American patriot and signer of the Declaration of Independence played the role of chief diplomat for the colonies throughout the Revolutionary War period?
1. Ben Franklin
2. George Washington
3. Samuel Adams
4. Thomas Jefferson
Bill of Rights
First 10 Amendments that guaranteed individual freedoms; gained support for the Constitution to be ratified; declared rights are not absolute.

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