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Music in Western Civ Test 3


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Which conservatory did DeBussy attend?
Paris Conservatory of Music
Did Debussy follow the rules of composition?
Who rejected the Germanic and Romantic style of composing?
Did DeBussy use unique scales?
Who was somewhat influenced by Far East Music?
"Clouds" by DeBussy was the first of three of what style of composition?
Who used lots of knife chords?
"Festivals" was the second of this type of compostition by DeBussy.
Who wrote two books of preludes?
Who titled all of his preludes?
Who wrote two symphonic sketches titled "Le Mer," and this was as close as this composer came to writing a symphony?
What nationality was Ravel?
Who Wrote Balero and what kind of dance is it?
Ravel, and it is a Spanish dance with a characteristic rhythm.
Ravel wrote this piece which was commisioned by the Ballet Russes?
Dapnis and Chloe
Who was the director of the Ballet Russes?
Sergie Diaghilev
What nationality was Starvinsky?
Who wrote Petrushka and what was it about?
Stravinsky, and it was about puppets at a carnival having a love triangle
writing in two keys at once
writing in more than two keys at once
Who wrote "Rite of Spring?"
What instruments were included in the large orchestra required for "Rites of Spring"
8 horn, 5-6 trumpets and lots of percussion
What ballet company was Rite of Spring written for?
The Ballet Russes
The Firebird was this composers second big ballet?
Which piece's first performance caused a riot in the hall, and how did the composer escape?
The Firebird, and Stravinsky snuck out the back window
Rite of Spring did what to the instruments ranges?
Strethed them out by taking them to the extremes.
a ryhthm repeated over and over
What insturment opens up Rite of Spring and what nationality is the folk tune from?
Basson, and Lituanian
Who conducted the first performance of Rite of Spring?
Pierre Monteux, who was the Ballet Russes's primary conductor
Many other composers mimicked the styles of this piece.
Rite of Spring
Who was Pergo Lesli?
An 18th century composer which Diagilev showed to Stravinsky
Stravinsky arranged this piece by Pergo Lesli for orchestra, but added new rhythms and melodies?
Commendra Dell'arte
small production of puppet shows with stock characters
Pulcinella was this type of piece
Commandra Dell'arte
taken from the past but modernized or made more contemporary
Stravinsky came to this country during WW2
Which city did Stravinsky live in?
Hollywood, CA
Who wrote Ballet Scenes for a Broadway Show?
Who commissioned Ballet Scenes for a Broadway Show?
Commissioned by Billie Rose
What nationality was Bartok?
Who used lots of Hungarian connotations
Bartok's companion who listened to peasants folk tunes and notated them
Bartok and Kodaly used what to document this songs?
primitive recording equipment
Bartok published a collection of these
Hungarian folk tunes
Who wrote Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta?
plays on the oppisite side of the stage
playing very fasdt
Bartok came to which country during WW2
Who would not allow his music to be played in Hungary as they sided with Germany
Bartok settled in this city?
New York
Who taught ethnomusicology at Columbia?
This composer was diagnosed with luekemia
The conductor of this symphony visited Bartok in the hosital and asked him to write a piece?
Boston Symphony
In response to the hospital visit, Bartok wrote this piece?
Concherto for Orchestra, consisting of 5 movements
True of False: After Bartoks death he became one of the top performed composers
What nationality is Shoenburg?
Which composers earlier works were in a late romantic style but became an expressionist composer?
Who wrote "Five Orchestral Pieces"
In "Five Orchestral Pieces," what are the titles of movements one and three
preminitions and colors
tone color melody
Who is known for the twelve tone system?
Variations for Orchestra was written by who and was the first piece to use this.
Shoenburg, and the twelve tone system
Shoenburg taught at these two schools
Webern abd Berg
Where did Shoenburg move during WW2?
Hollywood, CA
Where did Shoenbrug teach during WW2?
no tonality
Who wrote Pierrot Lunaire?
Pierrot Lunaire is composed of how many small songs?
Who wrote Peter and the Wolf?
Each animal or character in Peter and the Wolf is represented by what?
An instrument or section
Was Prokofieff a great pianist?
Was Prokofieff a young prodigy?
Yes, he wrote songs at a very young age
What was Prokofieff first symphony called?
The 1st Symphony
Where did Prokofieff live?
Paris, and USA
Where did Prokofieff live before Paris?
Russia, but he left before the revolutuion
When did Prokofieff return to Russia?
The late 1930's which was under the soviet government
Was Prokofieff's music censored by the government?
Who wrote the ballet of Romio and Juliet
Where did Shostakovish live?
Many of Shostakovich's friends did what after displeasing the government?
Who wrote Lady Macbeth of the Mtsenky Region
Who attended a performed of Lady Macbeth of the Mtsenky Region and was offended, and by what?
Stalin, and by the sexual connotations
After offending Stalin, how did Shostakovich rehabilitate himself?
He wrote the fifth Symphony
Who liveed in Boston during the colonial times?
Who wrote a lot for choral groups?
Who wrote mainly patriotic music or religious tunes?
Who wrote a sring quartet all on open strings in which the players had to retune their instruments?
Benjamin Franklin
Who was a pianist that wrote a lot for the piano and was considered as good as Lizst and stole African rhythms for his compositions?
Who is known as the march king and wrote 100's of marches and had his own band as well as writing Stars and Stripes Forever?
Who was the first great American composer?
Who was born in Connecticut
Whose father was a local bandmaster?
Who wrote pieces with lots of things going on at the same time?
Who managed and insurance company?
The profit Ives recieved from his insurance company allowed him to do what?
Publish his music nad hire people to play it
Ive's 2nd Symphony was never performed entierly until when?
Ive's 2nd Symphony ends with what?
a tone cluster
tone cluster
two or more adjacent notes played together
Who wrote "Three Places in New England"
Which piece by Ives depicts a place in New England, and uses patriotic tunes, and the second movement is called Putmann's Camp, Redding CT?
Three Places in New England
What piece by Ives is a philisophical piece and has no references to patriotic tunes or popular tunes?
The Unanswered Question
Who is the most popular American composer?
Gershwin started in what field of music?
Popular music and jazz
Which American composer had great success writing for Hollywood and Broadway?
Who wrote the Opera Porgery and Bess?
Porgery and Bess calls for what?
An all African American cast
Who debuted Rhasphody in Blue and when?
THe Paul Whitman Orchestra in 1924
Who was the first composer to incorporate elements of jazz in his music?
Who was the most popular concert composer?
Which American traveled to Europe for further study and studied with Boulanger in Paris?
This composer's early music had a very dissonant quality to it.
Who is best known for 3 ballets; Rodeo, Billy the Kid, and Appalachian Spring
Which Copland Ballet took Cowboy tunes and starts with a piece called Open Prairie?
Billy the Kid
Rodeo was this composer's second ballet.
This ballet by Copland is about the Shakers and incorporates the song Simple Gifts
Appalachian Spring
This composer was always looking for new sounds.
Edward Varese
This composer was interested in science and architecture
One of Varese's most famous pieces
Ionization is all for this section
percussion, but there is a piano and a siren in the piece
Who wrote Peome Electronique
What was Poeme Electronique written for?
The World's Fair in 1958 and the Phillips Radio Corporation
Who wrote Adagio for Stings?
Samuel Barber
What is the most frequently performed concert piece by and American composer?
Adagio for Strings
This composer was the pioneer of minimalism
John Cage
Who used the technique of prepared piano quite regularily
John Cage
music of chance (leaves a lot of options for the performers) which makes no two performances the same
Whote wrote 4'33''
John Cage
Who wrote the operas Einstein on the Beach and The Voyage?
Phillip Glass
Who wrote the piece Glassworks?
Phillip Glass
Who writes operas inspired by current events?
John Adams
What was the Adams opera Nixon in China about?
Nixons visit to China
What was Adam's opera The Death of Klinghoffer about?
Terrorist who took over a cruise ship and threw a Jewish man in a wheelchair overboard
Which composers father was the 1st chair violinist in the Phil Harmonic Orchestra?
Whose 1st symphony was about AIDS and the loss of people to AIDS?
Corigliano's first symphony included what for his friend?
The piece Albeniz which is a tango and one of his friends favorite pieces
This composer had his first fame as a conductor
Leonard Bernstein
This composer was the regular conductor of the Phil Harmonic for 11 years
Leonard Bernstein
This composer made an impact on television by televising some of his performances
Leonard Bernstein
This composer did programs on CBS explaining music and current issues
Leonard Bernstein
This composer gave young peoples concerts
Leonard Bernstein
This composers music reflects his Jewish heritage
Leonard Bernstein
Bernstein wrote for Broadway, but what is his most famous show?
West Side Story which was inspired by Romeo and Julie
Who wrote a comic opera titled Candid?
Leonard Bernstein
Candid is inspired by what philosopher?
Which composer brought back the music of Mahler?
Leonard bernstein
Which conductor/composer performed all of Mahler's symphonies?
Leonard Bernstein

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