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History: Ancient china


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Silk Road 

trade routes connecting China to Europe

  • expanded trade, causing civilizations to flourish
  • caused Changan to grow into the largest city in the world
  • allowed sharing of ideas

 Five Basic Relationships


  1. ruler and subject
  2. parent and child
  3. husband and child
  4. old and young
  5. friend and friend

 Yin and Yang





the two opposing forces believed to present in all nature

  • yin: cool, dark, submissive, female
  • yang: warm, light, aggressive, male
  • both elements must be in balance to "be in harmony" 
good conduct or moral judgement
filial piety
children's respect for their parents

new class of educated civil servants

-controlled govt.  during Han until 1900s

Mandate of Heaven     

heaven's approval

-can lose it by ruling poorly

-used to support rules of rulers/ emperors in Zhou 


Marco Polo

A Venetian trader from Venice Italy

  •  wrote a book of his adventures

a system in which peope were chosen and promoted for their talents and performance

  • fair, but also unfair
  • few boys from poor families could afford time or money for educations. 
Pax Sinica

a 400-year period of prosperity and stability

  • the Chinese Peace
  • had an economic policy to prevent food shortages and high prices
  • govt. officials had to be recommended, then they had to take a test 
Steppe Peoples  

nomadic hunter living in steppes, fight each other 

  1. Seljuk Turks
  2. Mongols
  3. Turkish Mongols
  • Timur Lenk
Superior Man
  • noble character
  • educated
  • accept things
  • demand of yourself
  • always do what is right:honest
Zhou Dynasty

1100 BC--220 BC

  • set up agricultural system where nobles own the land and peasants worked it (like feudalism)
  • technological advances: iron plow, crossbow, irrigation system
  • zhou china=most densely populated

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